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S3 Bits

How do,

Just had the car back from its service and had a few advisory notes, regarding front top mounts, cam cover and vvt unit gasket found leaking, passenger outer cv boot leaking grease, and both inner cv boots perished, also rubber boot on drivers side lower ball joint split too, oh, and the auto level light sensor arm snapped too, just wondered on a price for all these bits as would do all the work myself.
Car is an 8l facelift s3, 2002, chassis no: wauzzz8l421012016



Hi Addy

front top mounts inc brgs 17.15 each
cam cover  20.26
vvt unit gasket 6.15
passenger outer cv boot  25.11,  sealant  45.42
inner cv boots  23.92 each
lower ball joint split  36.69
auto level light sensor arm 29.50

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