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S3 Break Squeak - New Discs and Pads advice

Having a lot of problems with my 08/08 S3 breaks, they squeak every time I break at a certain pressure and it's very embarrassing.

Im pretty clueless on mechanics of cars to be honest (just love driving them). Im hoping someone with good knowledge can advise me on the solution - whether it be something to add to the current discs and pads (heard copper grease helps?) or whether it's new discs and pads time? If so any advice on makes to go with?

The discs and pads are not worn to need replacing so not sure what's causing it. Audi are as useful as ever and have told me their idea of a solution is replace them with like for like but I'm not convinced as a friend of mine with TTS had the same problems. He's put RS kit on but I have 18" wheels so I don't like the idea of that on mine.

Would appreciate any advice you may have

Thanks in advance....

If you bring the car up to JJB Motors on the 28th of this month  for the BBQ i'm sure someone will take a look    

Hi Diggy

      Sounds like you got brake dust build up caused from heavy braking... take the pads out get a wire brush or flat screw driver and clean the carryer that the pads sit on and put a bit of copper grease on were you cleaned.. dont put any on the discs or face of the pads.. not a hard job just wheel off and 2 allen keys to move the caliper out the way(99% sure its allen key) Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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