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S3 faults

I am in the process of buying a 99 plate S3 for a good price for the wife question is what are the niggles on these cars if any, Any advice on these cars is welcome. What are these cars like i have an S2 is the performance similar?

thanks in advance.

Got another in Jan with only 38500 miles on it

Coil packs seem to be an issue do get yours checked out, I think Audi had some kinda recall on them, other than that they're pretty robust but put good oil in and regular oil changes.

If you get it put some phots up please

There are 2 versions, the 210 bhp and the 225 bhp ones

Ours is a 210bhp with a remap taking it to 238 bhp & 340nm of torque

It's pretty nippy and light so would give your S2 a run for its money  

Great wee cars for not much these days, well built and reliable.

Thanks for that will defo get pics up when i get it, as for giving my S2 a run for it's money should be interesting as im running 380 bhp  

 better bring the RS4 out then .... That's also 380bhp      

What you done to it to get 380!bhp from your 5 pot ?  

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