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S3 front suspension.

Hi, Looking for some advice from you S3 aficionados about the front suspension.
Standard S3 struts, are they different to say an S-Line TDI?
I have an A3 TDI Quattro S-Line which has S3 rear suspension and I hoped to do front suspension as well. Problem is I have been supplied the wrong struts, I have been given standard TDI suspension struts which are too long for the S3 springs, so I am trying to work out what I need and am now unsure if S-Line struts would be OK with the S3 springs (only 10mm spring length difference) or whether I actually need S3 struts.
Any advice welcome, cheers in advance  


I have now discovered, if it's of interest to anyone else, that S3 struts are different and also spring length is different, so the parts I have are incorrect as has some of the advice I have been given in the past, not on here I would add, but that's why I came on to this forum, seeking good quality advice and information about "S" models. Anyway, hope this maybe helps someone else thinking about tackling the same job, it seems to be more difficult to get technical information i.e. what fit's what for Audis than say VWs and they are largely the same, unless anyone can suggest any good sources for the future? Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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