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S3 nurburgring edition

Hi, can anyone help, i've just bought a 2002 black S3 which has special sill plates with 'S3 Nurburgring edition' stamped into them, looks factory finish, also there is a simillar carbon fibre engine cover with the same. The car has a few nice mods such as full miltek exhaust, uprated suspension and a big brake conversion along with what look like rs4 18" alloys. Had a look on google but could not find anything about this, and as was a part ex dealer not interested and just wanted to get rid , hence alomst 10% off as modified.

Any suggestions?

Seen plenty of S3's, never heard of a ring edition..

no such thing as far as i am aware of

I've not heard of that either, stick up some pics

^ +1...... the only special Ed's they made were 0

The standard A3 came as a spacial 'black' edition- black trim,seals, wheels,windows etc.....

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