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S3 protection detail done today ( 12th Oct)

I had the S3 protection detailed today, I had previously clay bar'ed it so that freed up a fair amount of time  

phots since luuuurve phots on here:

Started as this:


Firstly it was snow foamed followed by a de tarring agent and the wheels was washed with iron X ...

Then rinsed and then shampoo'ed with the 2 bucket method then dried off

Then it was treatment time with some of this stuff ...

Then some

and some of this for the windows

Followed by

A hint of tyre stuff later

And a bit of steel wool with some metal cream polish

Delighted with the end result

happy days

 :s3imola:  :salute:  :thumbup:    

That looks like my mate Scott Strachan doing the detail! Too bloke and top results Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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