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S3 remap

Hi, had my '09   S3 for a few weeks now and loving it more every day.
moved over from an A3 3.2, thought i'd miss the V6, but the S3 seems even better.

has any one had their S3 remaped ????   And if so,
seen lots about BHP and Torque but anyone have 1/4 mile numbers or 0-60 times.???

Also thought about an induction kit, has anyone got any thoughts about day to day "living" with the extra noise. And is 340 too much.( supplied and fitted)

Do it if you insurer doesn't mind too much, S3s are a hell of a lot of fun with the extra shove.

Which induction kit are we talking about? A panel filter you can drop in yourself in 5 minutes but there are more kits available than you can shake a stick at.

As for numbers? Get a Revo 5 hour trial, go to Santa Pod and find out for yourself

Remapping the S3 is the best thing you can do for it seeing as it was built to handle Stage 1 without any mods. Mine is remapped to Stage 1 by Shark Performance. There are numerous for and against comments about certain companies but having tried various remaps IMO the Shark remap is smoother, power delivery is constant and I even get better MPG....BELIEVE IT OR NOT.
Regardless of what company you go for as the performance gain is almost the ame you will not be disappointed.

THANKS GUYS, bit the bullet and had the remap done by VIEZU, so far so good. Feels amazing, pulls like its on steroids!!!!
still dont know exactly what the numbers will be, but will book a rolling road test soon!!!!

Well done on your remap, Enjoy the extra power and fun that it will bring. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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