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S3 saloon

Anyone having issues with the delivery of the S3 saloon, we ordered one for my son and had been quoted 12 weeks delivery, that was 11 weeks ago, they are so scarce at the moment the Dealer can't even find one for a test drive. We have not yet had a confirmed delivery date.

we had exactly the same issue with the wife's new Mini Cooper S, ordered in April, and the dealer told us that due to very high demand, we were going to get it in November, she was not happy.

We went and placed an order with another dealer, and it arrived in 4 weeks, so might be worth trying another dealer !!

Don't know where you live but I'm in Berkshire and there are more than 50 used available within a 20 mile radius of me....... should be easy to get a drive in one - depending on distance of course ?

As for delivery date - what build week have you been quoted?

Week 39' I also live in Berkshire. Dealer has now sorted a test drive but in a hatch back.

Im in Kingston.. if you want to have a drive of my saloon you're welcome?

This was form 2014. Son had his car and is now selling it   If I had the money I would buy it from him. It's a stunning car with only 11k on the clock Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8V) quattro
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