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S3 with annoying 'Hanging' revs

Ok so here goes. Ive just been out with my mate to try and do some logs on his S3 but he mentioned an issue with his revs holding for 1-2secs longer then dropping, even when you dip his clutch. It was that bad it got annoying for me to drive because it sounds like I kept my foot on the accelerator whilst dipping the clutch to change gear (granny foot).

I remember my 1.8T's had this issue but was always cured with a new 'Clutch Switch'.

So was wondering if any of you S3 owners have experienced the same????

He's going to try the switch at the weekend

From what I have read, the clutch switch is a common cause of this symptom no matter what the car.

If it is dead and not intermittent I would expect it to show up on a fault scan. Otherwise it is a cheap enough part to just change.

Exactly the same fault, switches are still made of chocolate

He changed the switch but there is still a 'slight hang' but not as bad. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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