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S4 b8 Mrc Stage 2.... knackered rear diff

So I'm considering selling my Mrc tuned s4 saloon running approx 480 bhp.
The active rear diff pinion bearing has failed (not definate as still on car and it sounds nasty... really nasty.
Im truly gutted the car has broke and I can't afford to get a new rear diff.
(tbh I couldnt afford the car when I bought it but I couldnt help myself.)
I bought the car from forum member about 5 months ago and I'm the 3rd owner.
FASH all stamped up
Flappy paddle
Audi drive select with sports diff
Sports heated seats
Sat nav
Dab radio
Full parking assist on screen front and back
Mrc stage 2 package
Milltek cat back system ( I have milltek silencer delete pipe in shed but that's crazy loud)
Keyless entry
Bang and Olufson speakers
On board hard drive with sd card and I pod connection
Probably missed loads out....

Bodywork is immaculate
Wheels are immaculate
Interior is like it's never been sat in

I don't know what do do with the car but I payed 16k for it not long ago and think I want out. Maybe px for fully restored S4 b5.

We buy any car or car auction in Leeds are my last resorts as the problem won't be spotted unless driven and they probably won't. I should get somewhere between 11k and 12k if I take that option. I'm keeping my eye out on ebay for a rear diff but not holding my breath.
Also spoke to plenty of people at audi and they won't help as its 7 years old.
Picures will follow soon

WBAC it and get shot of it mate.  The more you post on forums, the more chance it will get spotted.  Put a stock exhaust on it and sell the Milltek.  Likewise, if it has 19s on, bolt on 18s and sell the bigger wheels


Started ring so thats all for now

Good idea.
Anyone want the milltek or wheels
Talk to me!

What a shame it looks a beautiful motor.

But I'd agree with the previous advice.

Try and cut your losses.
xpower isnt that the sports diff ?

Messaged you re the miltek and alloys
Adrian E

xpower wrote: isnt that the sports diff ?

That looks the right unit to me - think it should have a code of 35/9 somewhere on the unit, and that would need to match the code on your diff to be sure.

Yea that's a part number match to my diff. I can check the code soon.
Has anyone dealt with that supplier before?

Yes that's the code aswell.
I will contact the company later. Does anyone here speak German and fancy helping me,

This is good news. Cheers to all so far.

Use google translate - it works fairly well.
Adrian E

I managed to discuss and book the reconditioning of the cats on my S8 with a German company just using Google translate  

Shipping might be a challenge to arrange, but they ought to be able to arrange for fairly sensible rates - it's not exactly a huge item and German breakers are usually quite happy to ship to the UK

Fingers crossed the gear ratio code is matching. It states in   the advert that it's the same as 3.0tdI a4 so that broadens my seach if they do match.

Ok so they say the code is a match. 😀😀😀
I can't believe I didn't find this myself, thanks for the help.
I'm going to order the diff on Monday and then go from there.
I may still sell the car once fixed or px for a b5 s4 and cash my way. I will keep you all updated.
Fingers crossed this sorts my problem.

Does anyone know where the code would be stamped on the diff.
I'm going to ask for a picture of it to proves it is a match.

Do you not have a data sticker in the boot?  Not sure if the newer cars still have this, but if it's there it should have the diff code on it.

natedogg1983 wrote:
Ok so they say the code is a match. 😀😀😀
I can't believe I didn't find this myself, thanks for the help.
I'm going to order the diff on Monday and then go from there.
I may still sell the car once fixed or px for a b5 s4 and cash my way. I will keep you all updated.
Fingers crossed this sorts my problem.

What a result
I think you owe the guy a beer if it's the correct part.
Fingers crossed for you bud.  

So for the last few weeks the car has sat on my driveway whilst I find a new diff...which I haven't been able to find.
 Everything seems to be a differnt part number, I don't know if I should risk buying one with a different part number and trying to make one out of 2.

I have basically given up hope on the car and just want a b5 S4 again.
Open to offers if anyone wants to try fix this and make some cash.
Fully working this car is worth 16k with the amount of options.
Think it may end up on ebay in the next few weeks to see what Its worth.

I've also came to the conclusion that the previous owner (audisrs member) knew about the fault
. The car had a very loud miltek delete pipe installed aswell as the milltek non res.
I asked him if he had the centre silencer which he did and I bought off him.
When I had this installed it turned out the delete pipe was like new so basically put on to hide the very faint noise of the rear diff.
But by that point It was way too late and I've probably been in denial that a fellow srs member would do such a thing but it does all make sence now.
Can't trust anyone these days.

What is the P/N?

nvr mind I found it. >6k new.

You absolutely need the Q version btw.

When I look on ebay adverts they never have a part number like mine. They seem to be on a few models ( a8, A5, a4)
I've never seen one with a Q in the code.
Where did you get the info from?

This helps....

Codes are on the right of the picture.
I read 35/9 somewhere in this thread - the final drive ratio of 3.889 which has to match your front diff ratio.
The sports diff has clutches which I see on the lower pic - so it's the Q version you want.
1) If it's not Q or S, it's not a sports diff and
B) if its ratio matches yours, that's your one.

You MIGHT find a stamp on the casing somewhere, but that may simply be for the casing itself.
I remember now, these are basically sealed units. Shame. If you break this car, please send me the diff for a look-see?

Hmmm there are several repair kits listed for the sports diff...

700 euros for the #64 items
200-odd for the #60 bits.

Nice one cheers.
My problem seems to be finding out if they have the same final drive ratio.
nearly all the adverts don't state that information.
Most have similar part numbers to this one
I think that a sport diff as has the motor on the back but I may be wrong.

Would the car drive without noises if I avoided 7th gear and just fitted say this one.
Then WBAC it.

A few others a fellow member spotted...

Think I have found one in Germany....
Same part number. But doesn't state the final drive.
Does this look right to you?

Label on that 8K0927277 is showing as superceded by that #60
It's the pump motor!
So no clue there.

This one

looks to be the same motor but the only small clue is some code numbers on the housing in one pic. Don't mean much but don't be surprised to see 359 somewhere.

Ach ffs the other part number is the shield. No wonder you couldn't figure this out.

Best to message them in ebay and ask what final drive ratio is. If they don't know, walk away.

This one is missing part of the harness

The lower the final drive ratio, the faster the car off the mark, but top speed in each gear is lower.
I'd expect a sporty setup to want exactly that. Which would be the S type diff - 37/10 ratio.
Are you sure yours is 35/9?
That is one from Germany but is a Q  code.
No I'm not sure at all about the ratio.  Adrian E from this forum mentioned it earlier in th post.
It's been a nightmare.

rear axle differential 35/9
code letter:
Model data: PR-G1D+TC6,

Ok.I'm pretty certain this one on german ebay is correct.
I've asked him about the final drive code but even if he don't know I'm probably going to risk it and order the part

Fingers crossed for you bud.

Let us know how you get on 👍

Cheers fellas.
I ordered the diff last night. The 500 gamble. Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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