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S4 bulid thread/engine strip

Hello everyone,

I've recently joined the forum after purchasing a Brilliant red S4.  I bought it needing some attention to the engine.  After an inspection i decided it was most likely to be an issue with the chain drive, it ran but misfired.  The interior and exterior of the car is in very good condition and has a nice spec including

Rear parking sensors
Heated front seats
Cup holders in rear arm rest
Auto dipping rear view mirror

I plan to get the car minted and running perfectly.

The engine is out now and i've stripped it down to the chain drive.  I've found a broken guide so far, i also anticipate finding issues with the mechanical cam adjusters when i come round to removing them.

The broken guide..

Updates will follow as i make progress, any advice or pointers will be gratefully received.


Welcome to the forum. Be sure to take a read of Jim Green's thread if you haven't already:

Good luck and please keep sharing the updates  

I have already been in contact with Jim,  He's kindly offered to lend the timing tools to me, and I'm also buying a JHM modified guide from him.

I'll have it all in the mail tomorrow. (You have PM).

Exactly what I went through with mine. It's a pain, a big job, you'll learn a lot, but it's worth it in the end.

Was thinking that that photo looked just like Jim's.

Same broken guide?

Same Chain Guide that always fails, as you will see, the original item from Audi is made of Nylon/Plastic which due to time and heat cycles gets brittle and fails either by cracking like mine did or totally braking like the one above.

Below is the JHM Modified Item....... Problem Solved, they have cast the item in metal (Aluminium I believe) and then added a traditional nylon runner on to the chain guide surface.

Below is a picture of my original Audi Part, which like most, had cracked. The difference between JHM's item and the Audi item is obvious.

And mine at the same stage prior to removing the old items.


Were you experiencing running issues from the broken guide? or just rattle on start up?

I was only experiencing a misfire on one bank only, so i'm slightly concerned the source of the misfire isn't coming from that broken guide..

I just had a slight timing chain rattle all the time.

When you open up the mechanical timing adjusters, check that the pin hasn't elongated the hole that the pin drops into. This can put your timing out.

Did you run a diagnostic tool on it to identify what fault codes came up ????

The Audi S4 Fault codes are quite accurate normally. If you let me know what fault codes came up, I can work through them, as if you get a fault code showing the timing is out, or something similar, you need to work backwards, to work out what is causing it to throw the fault code. Over the years I got pretty good at diagnostics...LOL.

The Diagnostic scan came up with random/multiple misfire and listed various cylinder numbers.

I had the cam adjusters in bits earlier, they look very good with very little signs of wear and the hole being perfectly circular. They have a very small amount of free play, which is described as being normal in the Elsawin manual.

Also bank 2 cam tensioner was on verge of snapping and very worn.

Bank 1 cam tensioner was also worn


Hi Marcus

That's exactly the same as mine was.

Also don't forget to check the oil non return valves under the inlet manifold. They prevent the oil flowing back out of the tensioner system when you shut the engine off. Then the engine has to build up oil pressure again in the tensioner system.

Your mechanical adjusters look ok....... These always tend to "Clack" on start up, even new ones. You get a second or two of "Clacking" at start up, until the oil pressure is fully built up.

Did you receive the timing tools, should have been with you today.

So I spent my bank holiday weekend fitting all of the new parts and fitting the engine back into the car.

The parts included-
Various seals, gaskets and bolts
Oil non return valves
The injectors were re-furbished and tested
B7 DMF and Clutch
Air conditioning seals

Everything was meticulously inspected and cleaned.

New chains fitted, with the locking tools in place for the cam shaft rotors.

I split the inlet manifold in 2 too clean the internals and inspect the flap function for the variable inlet tracts-



The ports were also cleaned-

The whole engine was given a good clean to remove all the grime that had built up over the years and it was then ready to be installed-

The engine bay was also cleaned before install-

And finally it was in...

The rebuild work was spread over 3 very long days.. But it was defiantly worth it to have a drive into the peaks at the end of it all


Great rebuild Marcus, the only thing i'd have  additionally replaced would have been that front engine mount,  with an after market item.

Looking good.

Everyone always seems to have a few teething problems after rebuild so just work your way through them..... LOL.

Keep us updated.


Looks complicated. Well done!
john bowden

My engine is going through the same process.

Unfortunately I've got two broken chains which have smashed all the corresponding guides and tensioners to pieces😢

So heads are off, but only 4 valves are bent, I'm going to strip down to the last not and bolt so I can clean all the debris out, have all the snapped tensioner bolts helicoiled and have a piece of broken block re welded.

Slightly bigger job, but nothing less than I expected.

I'll post some pics when I can

Have you sent the timing tools back to Jim? I'll need to lend those in a bit!!


Not back yet Jim, as soon as I get them back I'll give you a shout.

john bowden

Good man thanks Jim

I am all done with the tools now.  Engine is running like a dream!  I have sent Jim a PM.


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