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S4 / RS4 Widebody Saloon with K04s

Right you'll have to try stick with me on this one...

I've always known i ultimately want an avant not a wide body saloon. Ive decided its time to do something about it.

The chassis is the car in my build thread

Over the next month I'm going to do the paint with Project Customs Leeds. So the car will have a fresh aluminium silver paint job to a very high standard. Craig is currently painting Simons from TTE just to give you an idea of the standard of work...

The spec can be negotiable as ill happily build it to your requirements but as a starting point its going to have:

S4 Engine
Refurbished K04 Turbos
RS4 Manifolds
Decat Downpipes
Miltek Exhaust
RS4 Intercoolers
RS4 B5 brakes (front and rear)
RS4 Alloy wheels
Black Recaro RS4 Leather

The price is going to be 8k as i want it to find a new owner sooner rather than later. If your interested and serious get in touch.

PS: The colour can be custom picked by yourself if you've left a deposit by the time the paint comes out of the gun.

Sounds very interesting, can you send me a pm as I haven't logged in for a while and had to re-register, which means i cant send you a PM but you can, so we can get the ball rolling.


Ok so it dont let me reply either! Could you pm me your number if thats ok?

haha sure

Well the interest has been crazy as i suspected.

I've possibly found a deal id quite like to make happen so ill say its now unavailable just so I'm not wasting anybody else time.

Ill update here if anything changes.

Let me know if its still available. I would be prepared to pay asking price

has this sold?

yeah all sold and gone thanks Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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