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s4/s6 difference

Can you tell me what the difference is between a 1994 s4 and a 1995 s6. Is the s6 just a facelift s4 or is there more to it than that.

Is this a joke?

Hehe, I think he's talking about the old 100 UR S4 era car.

The S4 has pro con 10 which is the restraint system if your involved in a heavy frontal impact. Steel cables are attached to the gearbox, steering column and front seatbelts, so as the engine and gearbox comes back and downward in a pre determined manner, the steel cables pulls the steering wheel into the dash away from the drivers head.

No airbags on the S4 ( saying that as I don't have them on mine... not sure the S4  had them as well as procon 10) but the S6 does have  airbags, not sure IF airbags replaced pro con 10 or if the car had both, you got me there !!

There is subtle differences on the edge of the bonnet around the grill and front wings around the headlights are subtly different. S6 dash dials has a silver ring around the gauges and on my S4 I have a clock where the S6 has a voltage gauge.

Also the S6 has / had EDL on the rear diff, on my S 4 I have a button to manually lock the rear diff which also cuts ABS up to about 20 mph I think.The S6 has it tied into traction control.

Other than that they're the same

oh and the S6 has body coloured bumpers and side strips whereas the S4 has the black bits

hope this helps

( mine has the S6 plus rims fitted, I used to have the same rims as this S6 before they went porus and needed to be changed)

brakes and front legs

slight diferences to dashboard layouts arround radio

chrome bezels around clocks

clocks coloured ?

V8 lol (some)

Early S4's had the UFO brakes, mine (1994) has proper calipers etc

White dials on both cars  

S6 plus (V didn't come to the UK market in right hand drive .

really? didnt know that!

seen alsorts of colour dials in them

 Such as ?

We have white dials with red illumination .


Thanks for the info.
Did the s6 have lowered suspension. Are the front wings the same on both models and just the bonnet and front bumper different.
Thanks, brian

green, blue, silver i belive...........

will go look this up, back in a bit

here we go..........

the S6plus instrument cluster colours, blue was common but they were also available in black and grey. The telltale was the 300 kph max (instead of 280) and the S6plus decal on the tach instead of the S6 decal.



The front wings are not the same, as already stated, it's very subtly different around the headlights, also the headlights on the S6 is slightly arrower and it's more rounded around the grill.

I didn't realise the S6 Plus had blue dials !! Not sure I would want multi coloured dials though ....

I have new unused S6 Plus front grill and bootlid badges in my model display cabinet

i like the black, or grey

i guess the whole point of the Plus was the options list



the only thing on the options list i can think of i dont have is cruise control and heated rear seats.

what was on the Plus as an option above the already long list of the '4 & '6 ?

DID  the Plus come as a saloon in Europe? only ever seen Avants that I can recall


saloon or avant was available

cant read german.............

found this too:
The Audi S6 could be considered as the hot-rod version of the A6, derived from the pre-'95 Audi S4 which is almost an identical car. The differences between a '94 S4 and a '95 S6 include the slightly different grille, headlight's and signal lights, a slightly modified interior and electronic differential locks instead of manual ones. The S6, however, is not just a more powerful version of the A6. While the A6 uses a 2.8-litre V6 engine that it shares with the A4, the S6 is equipped with a 20-valve dohc 2.2-litre I5. Don't be too surprised that the faster and more powerful car has a smaller engine, it's turbocharged. This powerplant produces 230 hp DIN (227 SAE net) and 258 lb-ft of torque. Couple it with a 6-speed manual tranny and the S6 reaches 60 mph in 6.1 seconds, through the 1/4 mile in 14.9, through 100 mph in 17.5 and on to a top speed of 127 mph, 152 with the limiter removed.

Some other differences include the S6's lower ride height, stiffened suspension and bigger brakes. With the Quattro AWD system, electronically controlled limited-slip differentials on each axle and a center differential lock, the S6 has both little wheelspin and unsurpassed handling. To differentiate it from the A6 look for a few clues: flared fenders, dual exhausts with large-diameter outlets and the red/silver badges.

Moving on, the S6 Plus is a totally different animal altogether. This model was the first Audi to be completely built at Quattro Gmbh, a separate division of Audi which has recently manufactured the Audi RS4, and was available as a sedan or Avant only for European customers. Equipped with a 32-valve dohc 4.2 litre V8 powerplant, this car has an output of 326hp (DIN) and 295 lb-ft of torque.

Don't mistake this car for the S4 4.2 or S6 4.2 either (I know it's confusing), two models sold in Europe exclusively. These two cars do not include the chip tuning and new exhaust manifold provided by Quattro Gmbh for the S6 Plus, and have outputs of 280 and 290 hp (DIN), respectively. Result for the S6 Plus: 62 mph (100 km/h) in under 6 seconds and a top speed of 156 mph. 225/50ZR17 wheels, a blacked out front grille and a revised interior with leather, updated instrument faces, carbon fiber panels and a new gear know are other features unique to the S6 Plus.

Will be back with more soon


have a look here:

BIG thanks to Dave for this

some good links in it

cut n paste lol

C4 UrS 1992-1997 Model Year Changes

- Based on original work done by Jimmy Pribble and Steve Mills, with updates from Steve Mills, Mr. Mojo, EdiGreg, D. Forgie and others.

1992 Model Year (MY) S4 (USA - except 4 officially in Canada)
(Built from August 1991 to June 1992)
(VINs NN0xxxxx)

Exterior and Mechanical

* Steel sunroof (slides and tilts) (no sunshade because the sunroof is solid)
* Defroster heating elements form "quattro" script in lower portion of rear windscreen
* Black side moldings and trim (Mid-door trims are rubber over metal (they rust and sag))
* Front and rear bumpers have black textured "rub" strips (non-replaceable) (replaceable on Euro UrS4 bumpers)
* Black textured plastic license plate surround
* Black drip rail and simple plastic lower window trims
* Amber front corner marker/signal lights (clear in Europe and rest of the world (ROW))
* Infra red (IR) central locking, receivers on B pillars
* Rear deck lid badge configuration: "Audi" script (L), "four rings" logo (C), and S4 badge (R)
* License plate surround is black textured plastic
* Sport suspension (Code: 1BE), shortest stiffest springs and shocks of the 92-97 C4 UrS run)
* 28mm front sway bar (1BE code)
* Rear sway bar (1BE code), as shown HERE
* Aluminum "S4" badges
* Intensive windshield washer system (reservoir in cowl tray, extra switch on the wiper stalk)
* Metal turbo to intercooler crossover pipe
* All metal intercooler
* No front strut bar before April 92 build date; front strut bar April to June 92 builds
* R12 Freon-based Air Conditioning (bumpy-top, thicker, condenser)as shown HERE in this Apikol FMIC install photo
* "Tuna-can" Hall sender to mid-Feb 92 build date (Hall Sender Changes 101)
* Moisture Trap located on the firewall (Moisture Trap 101)
* G11 blue/green antifreeze
* 5 spoke, 8" x 16", forged Fuchs wheels with 225/50/16 "V"-rated tires (6 spoke 15" Speedlines with 215/60/15 all season H-rate tires - no cost option)
* 4 channel ABS (no accelerometer)
* Rear brake proportioning valve
* Negative jump post phased in (early 92 MY cars don't have it)
* Five speed manual transmission (6 speed and Automatics available in Europe and ROW)
* Lockable rear differential via "DIFF" button on centre console (Diff Lock 101)
* Pearl white paint extra cost option
* Lock carrier (rad support) has one hump, not two (Lock Carrier 101)
* OBD1 Diagnostic Connectors in Auxiliary Relay Panel No.1 (the lunch box under the hood, in the water box/rain tray area)(Diagnostic Connector 101)


* Wide-grained elm trim on doors and dash
* Leatherette door panel inserts
* Speedometer in MPH and KPH with MPH dominant (US Models, the 4 Canadian 92s are in KPH)
* Odometer is analogue (miles in US, kilometers for the 4 Canadian 92s)
* Four spoke airbag steering wheel in North America (3 spoke non-airbag in rest of the world)
* No passenger air bag (dash trim above glove box is one piece, not two)
* Procon-Ten system to pull steering wheel forward and tighten front seat belts during front impact) (ProCon-ten 101)
* Trip computer with digital boost gauge in US units (except boost in Bar) (Instrument Cluster 101)
* ABS switch on center switch bank
* Manual rear differential lock ("DIFF") switch in center console (DIFF lock 101)
* "Open" loop-style headrests (Headrest 101)
* Under hood light (needs lights to be turned on to at least "Park" to work)
* Prop rod on the hood has extension button to allow the hood to open to a greater degree
* Rear cigarette lighter
*No rear window sunshade (except Canadian models)
* Heated front and rear seats (rear seats have microswitches)
* Servotronic relay behind glove box (ServoTronic 101)
* Gamma Bose stereo system
* Extra-cost option: 10 disc Sony-based "Blauplunkt" CD changer in right rear of trunk.
* Sound system information appears in the AutoCheck screen (Instrument Cluster 101)
* Radio antenna in windshield and rear window defroster
* Phone module in the left rear luggage area with a storage compartment cover

Canadian Elm "93" S4
(build dates Jan 1992 to June 1992)
(VINs PN000xxx)


These cars are really 1992 spec and have most of the features listed above, with some exceptions:

* No "Audi" or "quattro" script on the rear trunk lid


These cars are really 92 spec and have most of the features listed above, with some exceptions:

* No heated rear seats
* Rear window sunshade
* Speedometer in KPH and odometer in km
* Trip computer with digital boost gauge in Metric units (Instrument Cluster 101)

1993 Model Year S4
(US and Canadian 93s - built from July 92 to June 93)
(VINs PN0xxxxx)

Exterior and Mechanical

Most 1992 model year features carry over with some exceptions:

* glass "moon roof" (slides and tilts) with sunshade (sunroof can be tilted open with shade closed)
* No "quattro" script in rear windscreen
* Rear deck lid badge configuration: S4 badge (L), "four rings" logo (C), "quattro" script badge (R) (USA only, Canadian models - no quattro script or Audi badges on rear trunk lid) UrS badge Location 101
* No rear sway bar unless very early build, e.g. August 1992 build date (Code: 1BE) (normal code for 93 and later is 1BA)
* 26mm front sway bar (still 28 with 1BE code suspension)
* Lock carrier (rad support) has two humps. (Lock Carrier 101)
* R134A-based Air Conditioning (smooth top, thinner, condenser) except some very early build cars carried over with R12 system (bumpy top, thicker, condenser)(R12 condensor photo) The R134a condensor is shown HERE in an Apikol FMIC installation instruction photo.
* Intensive windshield washer system is dropped (no reservoir, no pump, no switch)


Most 1992 features carry over with some exceptions:
* Carbon fiber interior trim
* No trip computer (no digital boost gauge) (Still an option in Europe and ROW)
* No ABS switch to turn off the ABS system. ABS only off when DIFF switch is pushed down.
* Passenger airbag with split dash trim above the glove box (with "airbag" inscription)

1994 Model Year S4 (USA and Canada)
(Built from July 1993 to June 1994)
(VINs RN0xxxxx)

Exterior and Mechanical

Most 93 features carry over with some exceptions:

* Restyled door mirrors
* Right hand door mirror is smaller than left had door mirror (aka "Nemo" mirror)
* Telescoping power antenna in left rear fender ('94 only) (no antenna in windshield)
* Servotronic relay now in the underhood relay panel box (Servotronic relay 101)
* Fuel rail: banjo fitting replaced with brazed-on line


* Most 93 features carry over with some exceptions:
* Walnut trim instead of carbon fibre (CF still an option in Europe and ROW)
* No under hood light
* No rear cigarette lighter (and not factory pre-wired)
* Rear view mirror: different in size, shape and fastening detail


1995 Model Year S6 (USA and Canada)
(VINs SN 0nnnnn)
(Built between July 1994 and June 1995)

Big model year change for Audi 100 and UrS-cars. Audi 100 becomes A6 and the UrS4 becomes the S6. US gets UrS6 Avant (but not Canada)

Exterior and Mechanical

Most 94 features carry over with some exceptions:

* Restyled bumper caps (smooth - no rub strips and body coloured) and wider body-colored side moldings as discussed HERE
* Mid-door trims are all plastic (don't rust)
* Bright aluminum drip rail and lower window trims
* Restyled headlights and hood (more slanted than the UrS4s)
* Front marker lights now mostly clear with an amber trailing edge
* No IR central lock receivers as Radio Frequency (RF) system is phased in
* Avus wheels phased in (runs starts with 5 spoke Fuchs wheels)
* No extendible prop rod under the hood (light was dropped previously)
* Rear deck lid badge configuration: S6 badge (L), "four rings" logo (C) (both in Canada and USA)
* Plastic "S6" badges
* Plastic crossover pipe
* Plastic end tanks on side-mounted intercooler
* License plate surround painted body color instead of black textured plastic
* Late cars have different trunk liner with handle to simplify closing trunk.
* Rear brake proportioning valve dropped
* ProCon-ten phased out (ProCon-ten 101) and replaced by explosive charge-induced pretensioning
* Central lock as RF is fully phased in by end of 1995 model year
* 6 spoke 16" Avus wheels fully phased in by end of 1995 model year
* Moisture trap relocated from firewall to passenger footwell (UrS6 Moisture Trap 101)
* Fuel lines: rubber (no stainless mesh cladding)
* Viscous clutch fan bearing: press-in replaces bolt-on fitment (Viscous Clutch bearing 101)
* Oil pressure sender discontinued, oil pressure switch PN changed (Oil pressure sender and switch 101)
* Some of the thermal fuses (circuit breakers) are replaced with spade fuses (Thermal fuse 101)
* Alternator / voltage regulator: different from earlier models


Most 94 features carry over with some exceptions:

* 3 spoke sport steering wheel (phased in - run starts with 4 spoke airbag wheel from the 1992-94 UrS4) -fully phased in by around December 1994
* Redesigned instrument cluster - still no trip computers - oil pressure gauge is replaced with volt meter, digital odometer and trip recorder (Instrument Cluster 101)
* Service reminder in odometer
* chrome trim around gauges (phased in) - fully phased in by around December 1994
* Solid headrests (except some early 1995 avants have open head rests front and year); solid head rests are more rectangular in cross-section than round, rear headrest post spacings same as the UrS4, front seat headrest post spacings are wider. (Headrest 101)
* Climate filter possible (not possible on UrS4) (Climate Filter 101)
* Shift knob: "ergonomic"


1995.5 US UrS6 (1996 Model Year Spec cars built to get under OBD II requirements scheduled for Jan. 1996 implementation)
US got both UrS6 sedans and Avants under this program
(Built between July 1995 and December 1995)
(VINs SN 121nnn)

Exterior and Mechanical

Changes from the 1995 Model year carry over to 1995.5 with some exceptions:

* Rear differential no longer locks mechanically - rear diff "lock" is called EDL (electronic differential locking) but it is really the ABS system controlling rear wheel spin by applying the brake to the spinning wheel (Rear Diff Lock 101)
* Phasing in of transmission with wider first gear (in by Nov/Dec)
* Strut tower brace: tapered ends, different fastening
* Clutch master cylinder: not interchangeable with earlier unit (Clutch Master cylinder 101)
* Heater box: "back pressure" flap w/ servo motor added
* Keys are the new style "sidewinder" with a machine groove on the key side instead of teeth on the edge
* ProCon-Ten is completely gone (ProConTen 101) and replaced by explosive charge-induced pretensioning
* Magnolia pearl and Casablanca white new paint options


Changes from the 1995 Model year carry over to 1995.5 with some exceptions

* Audi/Blaupunkt Delta stereo head unit (single DIN chassis but face plate wider than single DIN)
* Sound system information no longer appears in remote dash display
* Optional 6 disc CD changer is sourced from Alpine but no other Alpine changers work, just those Alpine built for and sold through Audi
* Speakers in the rear doors
* Head rests are still solid but cross-section is rounder than 1995 (Headrest 101)
* Seat belt receivers are red instead of orange
* Avants get a rear sub located in the right rear cubby storage
* No differential lock switch (because of EDL)
* Cigarette lighter moves from the dash to the center console because of the width of the Delta head unit (room is available in the centre console because the "DIFF" lock switch was deleted because of "EDL" implementation)
* All windows now have express down
* Front windows have express up
* Chrome trim around gear shift knob
* Chrome handbrake push button
* Middle sun visor by the rear view mirror
* Cloth door panel inserts (instead of vinyl)
* 95.5 cars are pre-wired for rear lighter
* Climate Control lighting is redder than previous years

1996 Model Year UrS6 - Canada only in North America
Sedans only (no Avants)
(VINs TN0xxxxx) (Built between July 1995 and June 1996)


Same changes as the 1995.5 US cars


Same changes as the 1995.5 US cars except gauges and speedometer are metric


1997 Model Year UrS6 - Canada only in North America
(VINs VN0xxxxx)
(Built between July 1996 and April 1997)

Most 1996 MY features carry over with some exceptions:
* strengthened steering rack mounting points in front frame rails/inner fenders
* wider first gear in transmissions
* Front door locks: heated


Most 1996 MY features carry over with some exceptions:

* RF remote now has a separate three button key fob alarm controller
* Window functions programmable through VAG-com connection
* "OBD-II" style OBD-1 connector plate in console in place of differential lock switch (NOTE: The S4/S6 was never OBD-II compliant.)(Diagnostic Connector 101)
* Alarm system includes intrusion protection (Confirmed by SpeedTek)
* Switch for disabling intrusion alarm on driver's side B (Confirmed by SpeedTek)

  you've been busy today

excellent right up there  

cut n paste from another forum lol

i cant take the credit for it, click the lik at the top, theres loads of mini links of info on the site!

Dave needs the credit urS4boy

do you fancy having one ?

( not mine nor do I know the seller )

i had one, and loved it
Well i had 2 actually lol

i bought it to take the engine out of, but ended up selling it complete and getting a green one that was rotten

will have a nogaro S6 at some point though


Does anyone have any pictures of the front brake calipers.  I dont know what you mean when you say UFO.

in regards to the airbags, my mates urs4 has them.....

Re: differences

chiefmechanic wrote:
Does anyone have any pictures of the front brake calipers. I dont know what you mean when you say UFO.

you'd know if you have them !

colicabcadam wrote:
in regards to the airbags, my mates urs4 has them.....

Would you ADI your pal if he has pro con 10 as well as airbags please

I didn't realise you could have both fitted together.

I know of a noggy S6 plus but not sure if it's for sale or not, needs a bit of work on it though ..

he is in oz at the moment - i will ask the garage who is looking after it as you seem fairly interested to know !

* 3 spoke sport steering wheel (phased in - run starts with 4 spoke airbag wheel from the 1992-94 UrS4) -fully phased in by around December 1994



Hi, Does the s6 have a limited slip diff or is it just a diff lock as in standard quattro's

they have open front/rear diffs but with EDL that is opperated via the ABS to stop the wheels spinning by grabbing the brake


Then the s4 diff has a diff lock which can be locked manually and the s6 diff has no lock.


although they are both still "open" diffs

Just cut the blue/white wire that sends the speed info to the diff lock and it stays on untill you swtich it off


Does anyone know how many r/h/d s4 and s6's were imported into the UK and what colours. I'm only talking about the 2.2 turbo's model.

I have a book at home that tells you that, I'll get to it next weekend since Im heading to Kent over this weekend

mine is in Scarborough for its gearbox swap after 236500 miles of service, its time to swap it with 1 thats only done 110'ooo miles  

hows yours ?


I have only just bought mine and there is no mot on it yet. Its a 1993 manual with ufo brakes. Bought off ebay so not sure how good it is. 159,000miles (so it says)

Nice one   Congrats

Phots please when you get chance , it's a forum requisit  


how do i upload pictures



I fancy one of these.

WHat does a clean non rotten useable car go for these days?

.... as it happens, there's a red 1 on eBay at the moment
Item number 231093676894

(I have no contact not have anything to do with the seller)
It's been on Classic Audi forum for a while, looks save able at least

Many of these get broken up for the engines to use as donors for other Audis



Great cars to drive but horrendous mpg. As long as it's not a daily driver unless you live beside your work a great car. Solid and reliable. Go for 1000 for parts so that would be a base figure.   Brian

I get high 2o's and up to 31.4 mpg on a motorway drive ( mines auto... 1 of 4 remaining taxed & mot'ed but the website how many is left .com doesn't sit saloons from avants ( UrS4)


Here's a stunner

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