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S6 Buying Guide/What to watch for

Hi All,
Having been a B5 S4 Avant owner many moons ago, I've been keen to get back into a fast Audi avant and the S6 seems to be a great compromise of comfort, fantastic performance with some space for lugging stuff around when needed.

There's a couple of RS6 buyers guides, but are there any for the S6? I've gone through what I can find, including the brochure to find out the standard/optional equipment, but I'm obviously concerned about missing anything, what are the key things to watch out for? Certain facelift improvements that are a must? Indications of a dog?

Eg, I'm looking at the following:;price-from=10000&logcode=p

It seems to be in good condition, a few options, seems to be a fairly good level of history and paperwork but, from what I've read, I'd want to ask about the inlet manifold de-coking/replacing situation too. I'm guessing if it hasn't been done then that is a bargaining chip on price as its going to be something I'm going to have to shell out for at some point?
Anyone have any thoughts or questions I should ask?

All help greatly appreciated. Apologies if I'm asking for something that already exists - I have had a search around...

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