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s6 c4 project dilemma

hi just bought another s6 c4 with some mods,high output coils,rs2 manifold,3" stainless exhaust,koni with h&r spring suspension,porsche cayenne 6 pot calipers with merc v8 330 discs,044 fuel pump,re-built head polished and ported,and very well looked after
now here's my dilemma i'm thinking of the rs2 turbo,injectors and uprated intercooler and ecu
do i go for 380-390bhp or go for 420bhp
the car will mainly be used at weekends and occasional summer evening blasts will the rods cope with the 420 bhp
what torq can the rods cope with?
any help would be mucho appreciato Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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