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S8 20" Final Edition correct tyre size (8.5J)?

Hi folks,

What's the correct tyre size to use on a D2 S8? I'm getting mixed opinions suggesting 265/35 and 275/35.


EKTA suggests the tyre size as 255/35x20 RMI

For the 8.5x20 A8 wheel.


I've just done a few rolling circumference comparisons on those tyre conversion websites and other 'matches' come out as 275/30 and 285/30. Would these run the risk of catching somewhere?

Some prices

Pimewell 97WXL 99.99 plus vat
Avon 97YXL 167.50 plus vat
Michelin 97YXL 235.00 plus vat

ACCELERA 97Y XL 99.99 plus vat
PIRELLI P0 NERO 97Y XL 149.99 plus vat

That's a mean price difference!

Thicker all the way

I have 285/30/20 D3 wheels on mine and don't rub.

Moonwalker wrote:
I have 285/30/20 D3 wheels on mine and don't rub.

On a 8.5" rim?

The D3's will be the 9J rim.

Amar, is yours on coilovers or standard setup? Would that make a difference to catching?

Mine is standard and yep 9.0'' alloy, and have 4x 285/30/20 Michelin PS2s all round.  There is a guy on the A8 Parts forum running 295 25 21 Khans on a 10'' rim I think...

Managed to source some 275/35 20s. Now I know the rolling circumference is about 2% off but worse still, the fronts are catching ever so slightly on the arms.

Next step - would 10mm spacers solve my problem whilst also filling the arches nicely or will I be messing the geometry up? The offset would effectively be ET35 with the spacers.

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