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S8 4.2L D2 Engine Overheated Isuue

Hi Guys,

there is a common problem with the 4.2 engine which is engine overheated reach above the Half.I am going to buy S8,so I attempt to find final solution for this issue if anyone get it and solve it. most of the time this issue occur when you drive the car while the A/C ON and while you stop in traffic.
Note that the the Temp. in the place I stay on reach to 50C (122F) .

looking forward for your experiences in solving these issue.

Adrian E

Never experienced it in 4 years of owning my S8 - sits rock steady at 90 degrees (the gauge isn't calibrated to sit in the middle - as long as it's pointing at 90C it is fine)

Similar thoughts to Adrian with nearly 13 years of D2 S8 ownership.

The only problems I've had are with a faulty coolant temperature sender which has all sorts of strange effects including difficult starting and bad temp gauge readings.

Mine warms up from cold to 90C very quickly. Then stays there.

you may not in hot climate areas/country.

Adrian E and   HPsauce  what is the highest weather Temp. your areas reach to?
Adrian E

Mid 30s if it gets properly hot and that'll be for a few days, not weeks on end!

We're W Europe so you're not going to get Mediterranean temps here lol Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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