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Schwitzer S256 on an RS2?

I have been thinking about my next turbo upgrade,which most likely be a final,and i have been looking into the compturbos company which has lots of options but fail to give out maps and stats on their products,which makes things a bit less trustworthy.

Then i spotted this turbo, the borg warner S256 which has 56/80mm compressor wheel and 74/64mm turbine wheel diameter.It has extended tip technology on the compressor wheel,which means that it can give more boost and spool faster than BB turbos,although it has 360thrust bearing cartdridge.

On other forums (evos/hondas) i have seen comparisons of this one with the GT3076R and it seems to be spooling faster and giving slightly better results in power.This was a comparison of a S256 with .55AR against the .63AR of the 3076R.

this S256 comes with 0.70AR T3 hotside and Vband at a price of about 1150$+shipping.

The only thing is that it is only oil cooled. Should that worry me much?

here is a comparison of the 2 where the GT3076 wins slightly in spooling,but the S256 came with even larger turbine wheel,hence the difference in spooling Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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