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Scottish December Run, 30th

Friday 30th December
Starting at Duck Bay Marina, Loch Lomond, Balloch
Looking to be there for 10am ish

Weather depending-run up to Fort William through Glen Coe, possibly Oban.

Please post on here if you are able come.


I might pop along depending on some other stuff

Gutted don't think I'll have mine all back together and mapped by then but it's a maybe
S4 Muzza

Should be there!

Interested if the car is back on the road

The start point Duck Bay hotel car park,  Loch Lomond at 9.45am and start the run at 10am ish, travel north to the Green Welly (34miles) and be there 11am, then through
Glen Coe to Ballachulish to Connel and arrive in Oban 1-1.15pm
(66miles) with a stop in Glen Coe for Photos, in Oban we could stop for lunch,etc, leave Oban 2pm and back to Duck Bay for 4pm via Loch Awe (73miles),
At this time of year it will be dark by the time we get back to
Duck Bay, if any one has any question or would like to comment on the run route please post your question/comment, As ever the weather will play a big part in this run, I will post a weather update for the run on the 26th and a final update on the 29th, please watch this post.

If you are a member of another Audi site please feel free to posts something up, the more the merrier. All Audi's welcome, old and new.

Looks a bit damp for Friday but better on the West Coast,
Looking forward to  run up North tho

Pics or it never happened guys!    

It hasnt happened!!

I wont be along tomorrow,  Very close though. The car is up and running with its new turbos, even got an AC recharge today but as Im doing some miles it badly needs the wheel alignment done at the front But theres no point doing that properly until Ive replaced the noisy front wheel bearing  

confusionhunter wrote:
It hasnt happened!!

Trick Question!

Expect them tomoz then!

Duck Bay Marina, Loch Lomond for 9:45 every one

The run from Oban to Inverary was good, a must for next time, I forgot how much fun it is with the harepin bends, crests and fast straights.

The S4, although a tad heavy, handles quite well being standard even on the twisty stuff, but the brakes really let it down even though they are a decent size they just overheat too quickly.
Its so tempting to strip it and put it on a diet as I bet you could loose a few Kg quite easy, then it would be a really quick motor

Still trying to work out how to post pictures,sorry.

Just saw this post.

Route would have been slightly better if you'd left Arrochar and took a right along the road to Faslane, and then just before Faslane took the A817 (long runs and great views) over the top of the hills to bring you out near Duck Bay again.

Noggymike wrote:
Pics or it never happened guys!    

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