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SD cards for RNS in R8?!?

What is the spec for the SD / SDHC / other card in the RNS in a 2009 Audi R8?!?

I recall that my old RS6 only took SD cards, not HC ones, does the same rule apply even in 2009?

I'm sure that my SD cards in my 2009 3G MMI are SDHC. I'll check tomorrow.

cool - thanks Grant - I cant find it mentioned anywhere in the docs so far.
Adrian E

Have you got a media button rather than cd/tv?  Is the volume knob bigger and chromed?  If so then it'll take SDHC up to about 32GB I believe.

If it's an earlier one then it's the same deal as your old unit.

Update: Yes, all my memory cards are SDHC and work with the 3G MMI system (2009 build)

Will be non HC i reckon.  some 09 cars still had the old unit.  new ones say media as adrian says.

iR8V8 wrote:
Will be non HC i reckon.  some 09 cars still had the old unit.  new ones say media as adrian says.

Yeah, I've realised I've not been very helpful here.

Mines has the MMI (3G) system, not RNS-E, so maybe yours is one of the last RNS-E, whereas mine was an early MMI system? Dunno
Adrian E

They all say MMI when they boot up - it's basically RNS-E or RNS-E (3G) which isn't stated anywhere visible on the unit.  Only telltails are as above ref the physical appearance and change from cd/tv to media, as the newer units have a greater range of potential input sources like AMI.

My rnse with the media button takes 32 GB SDHC class 10 cards

Nick yours will be the old system

If you were after the latest car you should have gone for a 2010 V8 as that got the engine update to 430PS and the upgraded rnse and dis....otherwise your 2009 car is identical to a 2007 car Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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