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Sebring .. any one watching ???

ESPN have made the stream available to NON usa watchers for free .. and even better the commentary is Paul Truswel / Radio Lemans

Watch here

Live score board is here

I wasn't, but I am now, thanks

Seems 2010 Peugot is faster than the 2011 one ....

Audi R15+'s back in 6 and 7 after 6 1/2 hours

GT race between Porsche, BMW and Ferrari is great to watch .. even Corvette is in the scrap

GT class is my favourite actually...

GT have to support the Flying Lizard GT3

Paul Truswel is a great commentator .. Knowledgeable and interesting as well

Ok done for now .. Heading to sleep .. Audi have a big push to get up from 6th to a "win"..

Good luck to Porsche (Flying Lizards) in GT Forum Index -> Motorsport
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