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Secondary rad fan stuck on

Hi Guys

got an issue after hitting some very bad surface water yesterday evening. Awful drive home with pars of the roads quite flooded and in the dark difficult to see until you hit it. Can't remember the roads being that ever being that bad and waterlogged so quickly. At times it was like suddenly hitting a river.

This morning, when I turned off the ignition after a short drive the small fan on the front of the rad stays on   this was after a very short hop and the engine was still quite cold. Only way I've found to stop it is to disconnect the battery. When I reconnect, the fan stays off, until I start the engine when it comes back on - stays on whilst driving too.

When I turn the engine off the fan seems to cycle a few times, running full blast for around 25 seconds, pausing then firing up again, then it just stays on full blast. I've not let it run too long like this for fear of flattening the battery. I know after-run fans stay on a little while, but surely not this long when the car is relatively cold.

Any thoughts on whats causing it? Can't see any obvious wiring fault other than what looks to belong to the headlight washer jets. Not managed to find a connector to disable it for now or even a fuse to pull.



Quick update - I've managed to pull code 17861: Exhaust Gas Temp sensor 1 (G235) with open or short to P1453. O think this indicates a wiring rather than a sensor fault. The car certainly was running sluggishly. Would this cause the aux rad to stay on tho?

Apologies - in my hast I've managed to post this is the wrong forum, so transferred it to the B5 forum as I can't delete the post Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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