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Senna Movie

Has anyone seen it yet and if so, what was it like? I'm really looking forward to it

Watched it loads of times and keep doing so,absolutely wicked.The footage of him driving ia amazing some of the crashes are spine chilling and the the bl--ody french running the sport at the time want sh--ting.Hope that doesn't spoil it too much,but if it doesn't win an oscar for best documentary i'll be very surprised.Grab a few chilled ones sit down and enjoy      

I was going to be a sad loner and go and see it myself but I found another loner, so me and Olie are going to see it next week Really looking forward to it - delibratley not downloaded or watched clips so I can see it on the big screen.

the qualifying lap of Monaco floats my boat:)  not sure if its on the movie but it was on a dvd somewhere....

not seen this movie yet, when is it out ?

Released a couple of days ago i believe.^^^monaco!!!!agreed.

  not showing at Kilmarnock!!  local plod worried about the chavs watching it

^^^ punto and corsa mayham and burberry hats everywhere            

21st is the date its showing here, seriously looking forward too it and like Doug have not seen any trailers so not too spoil it

driving to brum to watch it this thursday.  Found a number of like minded individuals to come along.

Imola was a 9/11 moment for me...I remember exactly where I was, what was said between me and my dad.  I can bring it back like it happened yesterday.

Great film, watched it many times, I still get goose bumps even though I know what's coming up.  The directors commentary sound track is worth listening to as well.

my lad had a top gear magazine which had the making of the film included, i had to watch the clips. Senna was a true racing legend and his car skills were second to none but the thing that surprised me the most was his dedication to the sport and to the other drivers and there safety.

a true champion and the sport has never been the same since his demise

^^^true ,very compassionate towards the other drivers and their safety,but at the same time was prepared to run himself and fellow racers off the track endangering his life and theirs,almost jekyll and hyde like.Don't think there's been another driver like him for natural talent though.IMO Schumacher was of a similar mould but without the carisma.

Just watched it and thought it was okay, I was expecting to see and learn a lot of new stuff about Ayrton but alas it wasn't to be.

Great soundtrack though, especially if you like Brasilian music.

^^Have you seen Aryton Senna "the right to win"?


^True,apart from the top gear tribute and actual racing footage there doesn't seem to be much else of him about.

Saw it last night. Great documentary.

Now where can i buy it so i can watch it at home!

The dvd has been out in Asia for a good while Doug which is where i got it from(a friend bought it back for me).I think you assumed i'd just downloaded it,which i hadn't.The thing it lacks is the English subtitles though.Not sure when the dvd will be out here but it's top of my list to buy.As soon as i find it i'll let you know.

Doug wrote:
Saw it last night. Great documentary.

Now where can i buy it so i can watch it at home!

Watched it on DVD tonight, superb as Doug says.

^^Was that the european release?? didn't think the dvd would be out here yet,Great documentary nevertheless.Senna is IMO the GOAT.

Watched it yesterday evening at local flicks. Good film. It's the largest grossing documentary every, and I'm not surprised.

Although I knew "the end" it still brought a lump to my throat and had to wipe my eyes. I left the cinema thinking "if only...if only...".

However, there was a lot of good that came out of this tragedy.

Just watched this now it's out on DVD

What a great man

Great driver

Also very strong to come through all the adversity with the French fia boss to prove his ultimate skill.

Now I have even more admiration for the great man.

I still think that the decision to remove the electronics was the catalist that started the chain reaction that eventually resulted in the accident. Forum Index -> Motorsport
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