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Speed cameras on the motorways

Has anyone got a ticket / been pulled from one of the gantry cameras on the M25 / M42 / M6 etc?

Or from the average speed cameras on the motorway works zones?

Do they come thru the post or do the gents in blue "feel your collar" a bit further down the road?

just curious really. Always seem to be a whole heap of people going faster than I am, and I don't generally push the limits - but are they getting ticketed?!?  
nogaro s4

usually post within 2-3 weeks

I always wonder this too!
Especially on the really long 50 sections on the M1 over the last few years. You can sit bang on 50, or even 55 if youre feeling daring and there are still tons of people flying past

I came off a slip road onto the M42 at a reasonable speed (top of 4th gear) and though for sure I'd been caught as the were lit up saying 60mph but no ticket!
I often use the M1 and always follow a faster car and still nothing, also I'd some times use an hgv to stop the middle camera seeing my plate, if they even work that is.
However a friend of mine got caught on one going into Leeds on the M621 which was only up for 4 weeks averaged 64 in a 50 so I avoided that one!

I got done on the M42 about 2 years ago - 63 in a variable 50 limit. I'd been doing about 55 with the normal flow of traffic but as I approached the M40 junction heading south, the traffic eased and my speed crept up without me realising and I got flashed by an overhead camera (easier than you think even in a 68bhp VW T4 van).  I knew I'd get a ticket and sure enough it dropped on the doormat about 2 weeks later.

As a delaying tactic, I asked for photographic evidence, a calibration certificate for the camera and a detailed log of the speed limits and the times that they were in force, all of which they duly sent - damn!

I also asked for the exact location of the camera which they wouldn't give me as they said that the camera positions are changed at regular intervals so it appears that not all the cameras are live at any one time and some may possible never be live?? In the ned I just coughed up the £60 and took the 3 points - only to get 3 more about a month later when a copper hiding in a bush at the side of the road got me with a radar from about a quarter of a mile away and jumped out into the road to flag me down - should have run the bu99er over.

I commute on the M42 from J10 to J2 every day so now I tend to stick with the flow of traffic and don't exceed the posted limit by more that about 5mph which seems to have been ok so far but obviously wouldn't work if the cameras did and average speed over a measured distance.

Beeen done twice by average speed on the A1M and M1

The overhead gantry cameras are operational but not yet live on the M1 but are on the M42 so its only a matter of time

Prob once they finish the j10-j13 works

with many of these new f'ing things, God knows what they look like  

I have seen what loooks like a handy cam sized thing on a stick... what the hell is that?

driving in the U.K IS NO FUN ANYMORE  I spend more time looking at my speedo than where i am going, especially in areas I am not familiar with..... take Leeds for example, its like a gatzo orgy down there, every few hundred yards theres a gatzo.

those blue things on the motorways, are they traffic flow monitors or cameras and those things hanging under bridges.... wtf        

i either need to read the highway code again or go on a speed camera identity course.
(no i havent been pinged by any)

Always wondered about those blue ones, and also the mini cameras on many A roads.

The boss here deals with all speeding fines and parking fines for the company fleet. He's only seen one average camera fine in the last 2 years.

I did something a bit stupid recently on the M25, took the bait and got away from some large Q7 that was tailing me a little too close. Suddenly realised what I was doing and hit the anchors. Nothing came of it, so am very careful now on M roads. Which is indeed a shame/waste of a V8.


The new section of M74 THEYRE LIKE FLIES AROUND POO      you would think they had better things to do wouldnt you!!

mind you why the new section is only a 50 mph is beyond me, its a great piece of road. I am on nights so use it frequently now, hardly a night goes by when I dont pass someone getting pulled by the fuzz, could be for any reason but an empty motorway I would be surprised if it wasnt for speeding.

ps.... going down to Amanda's last time I thought id take the piss and do 50 mph all the way.... worth it in the end with a 43.3 mpg consumption for the cabby        didnt do 50 going home though    

Ali... the last time I tried to keep up with a Q7.. my turbo failed quiet spectacularly, the centre shaft sheared!!

F.F.S!! who put a 30 min time lock on?  EDIT previous post to say  34.3 mpg !!
Adrian E

The blue boxes are Traffic Master boxes of old, they collect data on traffic flow, nothing more.

The average speed cameras on the M25 (well those that are actually live!) work even with the limit at the regular 70mph.  I tend to cruise round those sections at no more than a GPS 80mph just to be on the safe side.  I know someone who got done some years ago doing about 90 by the gantry cameras even though they were off - he assumed they weren't live if no lower limit in force!

Interesting, maybe the variable speed limit had only recently been turned off? I have been through them at 90+ in a mates car and he never got anything. I go through them reguarly around 80+mph Forum Index -> Roads & Driving
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