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paul the 6th

Stage 1 remap with XS power cat-back system

Just bought a new HD video camera the other day - filmed quite a bit of stuff on it but only just got round to connecting it upto my Mac. Bloody tech manufacturers using stupid MTS format for HD video means I have to jump through hoops to convert it all in order to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, or user friendly iMovie can import straight from camera but I don't have a clue how to use it since I'm used to the professional stuff - iMovie = not intuitive at all. Get it together apple!

Anywho, first video demonstrating my catback system... plenty boring but it's 50/50 in terms of car porn/me finding my feet with this new camera...


sounds good! i was doing that in tunnels all the time when i got my xs exhaust fitted! sounds better with the dp's as well!!

Looks a good video Paul the quality is excellent. I have a Macbook if there are a lot of tutorials online from Apple on how to use all the software etc I will try and find you a link.
paul the 6th

nice one cheers johnny - it's typical that I'm familiar with professional level stuff like premiere pro but it won't work with the daft formats like MTS.. Hey ho, lots of time to suss it out over the next few weeks

Lovely sound from the XS exhaust, I miss mine    It was a single box with no cats which was a tad loud  

Paul, you should come along to The Sun Inn on the 10th and bring your camera Forum Index -> Car Videos
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