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Stealing Interiors Now!?

What is the world coming to..

shocking, how long would it take to rip them out though ?????

Mins if they know what they are doing  

Dirty f*cking tramps i hate people who think its ok to take other peoples things when they have worked hard for it!

I see the steering wheel has gone too, apparently this is big business as some wheel airbags are over 1K!
Mate bought some kind of Honda as an insurance cat D repairable. Had a tiny dent in front bumper but s/wheel bag had fired!
Fixed it in less than one day -
Had a great car for small cash!
He drove it for 3 years then sold it for more than he paid!

Really shameful stuff but nothing new, we lost countless shiny door mirrors covers back in the day

Certain parts of the US have serious problems with Honda Type Rs being stolen for their engines.

Happened to a guy on the B7 section of RS246 forum only 2/3 weeks before this one. Insurance co wrote the car off.

It's time we started to fight back.

Leave a nice new car in a 'hot' area under covert guard.
Wait for tw*ts to come along.
Hang tw*ts by testicles from nearest lamp post with every bone in their body broken.
Call police to complain about the screaming.

I think you'd eventually run out of tw*ts.

Yeah I saw this on ASN, unreal but begs question how they got those seats out of the windows with no damage, its a very tight fit & no I havnt tested fitment lol, just from my work I know the gaps & size of the seats in question & the metal chassis bases arent very slim, so does make you wonder if they did lift out the windows or not.

You'd have to undo the 4 spline bolts, cut or unclip wires into the floor, then push the seat backs all way back to get the angles to remove, plus they took the wheel, I mean you'd need about 4-5 guys to do that quickly.

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