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strange beeps


New to this forum so hello

Just a quick question and a bit of help. . I have bought a s6 recently and have had it serviced today .. after the service I am getting strange beeping sound from the dash .. drivers side .. 3 beeps on start then 3 beeps randomly every minute or so ... no warnings lights and nothing out of the norm .. just 3 beeps
Any help appreciated
Thank you [/quote]

ABS ECU failure possibly. That used to give similair symptoms on the B5, although you also got ABS warning lamps.

It's possible the seller had this and removed the ABS lamp!

Thank you for your responce ... would this show up on a diagnostic? It's driving me crazy now lol .. i just found it weird iv driven the car round for 10 days . No beeps .. straight out the garage and it's beeping

If the ABS ECU goes faulty, you often can't connect to the ABS module. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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