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Suzi's refit commences next week

next Tuesday sees my UrS4 taken to Unit 20's drydock  for a pretty big refit, the list below is whats penciled in.... we'll see what else Martin & Lee find ....

4 new top mounts
4 new springs and struts
new fuel lines
lambda sensor
discs and pads all round
timing belt job and associated parts
hopefully its the multi function switch on the gearbox that needs replaced
(keeps going into limp mode)
flush gearbox and stick in fresh oil
spark plugs/ filters and oil change
2 tyres

hopefully get some phots as well  

Hope it all goes well fella, fingers crossed!  

Wow. That's a project and a half. Will it take a while?

Knowing Lee's pace..... probably  
Knowing Martin's pace..... all in a days work    

hoping to collect at the end of the month depending on my work shift hours.


Grizz collected Suzi from Amanda's rockery this lunchtime:

disco lights on already

secured so she wont get thrown off at the corners

arriving at Unit 20 with an RS6 out rider escort  

the car is infor a load of work now that the majority of the parts have been sourced, just need to vag com to see which lambda sensor is dead and the multi function switch on the gearbox, the rest of the new bits await Suzi.

This ties in nicely with Hektor's RS4 major engine work so hopefully both cars will be ready for collection on Saturday 17th Sept, with Imol4vants RS4 coming down for its timing belt job on the 19th Sept, so its gonna be a nice wee convoy heading home to Scotland

Amanda has agreed to get loads of photos for us so we can post progress on the cars trip through the famed Unit 20 drydock  

and we're off

Ali... a new fuel pump, fuel filter  & sender is also on the shopping list which has now arrived at Unit 20...the intercooler is also having a flush out as well.... doubt its EVER been done

commence "operation Suzi"

  no AVUS RS4's in sight Ed        

more phots to follow  

What shocks and springs did you use? Are they lowered?

Is the car tuned? If so what have you done to it?

What have you done for the exhaust, std or new?

Have you changed the brakes?

Anything else would be good to know.

I have both Audi press cars now, from 96, the red avant arrived on Thursday and I would like to play with it a but more than the completely showroom Saloon.

There doesn't seem to be any aftermarket springs, shocks or exhausts available.


BTW, love the wagon Martin, very posh!


new shocks replaced with standard shocks with Venturi 30mm lowered springs and new top mounts,
the exhaust is standard.... I used to have a 3 inch straight through Stromung exiting out a DTM back box but being auto, it was too droney around town so I put a standard one back on.
the car has a Nothelle upgrade in it from November 1994, not sure what its up to but I'll guess a stage 1 so circa 260-270 bhp,ish, I've never had it on a rolling road to find out, It has a new turbo at 217000 miles and a replacement head as well
standard brakes all new all round

yours sounds interesting, any photos please     where abouts are you Varsity?

I will post some pics next week.

In the meantime I am going to order KWs and aftermarket discs and pads from here in Germany, far more choice, also a new SS exhaust thats TUV approved as eventually this Avant will end up living here.

The engine will get RS2 parts and an MRC loving to bring it up to a reasonable power output.

Apart from that I am very happy with the car, and to know I have the pair now makes me smile from ear to ear.

Love it!

Ask Viper what can he do with a 5 pot  

my multi function switch on the gearbox needs changed so that's on next years things to do at Unit 20  

fortunately I have the use of the RS4 for a power kick, must admit though that after 2 years not having the UrS4.... it feels dead by comparison      

so you have both press cars then      

No offence to Richard, (Viper), but I share a unit with MRC and that may not go down so well!

MRC also look after my S8, both S6 and the Jetta with an R. I am happy there, but thanks anyway.

Yep, both press cars.

sorry!! I didn't know that bit of info..... That's handy for you      

what mileage do you have on your UrS4's ?

The saloon has 103 and the Avant 206.

Varsity.... just found out I have a dead N75     no wonder it felt sluggish

got aheavy duty one waiting for me at home, should get it fitted this weekend.

what power are you aiming for?  what could I get up to with a standard engine?  
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