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SWAP Stage 1 APR ECU for B5 S4

It's off a 1998 model. Will swap for stock ecu.


Has it been De immobilized?

Good question. And no it hasn't. Tbh I will need someone to do that as I have no idea how to do it. It's a Clifford 5.5 avantguard.

I've got the two fobs. Just thinking about it will I also need to change the new ecu due to the immobiliser?

Can it be changed or removed easily?


Tbh I have absolutely no idea.

you need to get a tuner to knock the immo offo the ecu or if you put it into another car it will only start for a couple of seconds.

I can fix immobilizer for you in both your ECU and the new one you are going to install. Forum Index -> For Sale
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