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Professor Peach

Swapping pads affecting fluid level question...

I have asked this question elsewhere also, but no harm in asking you chirpy bunch as well....

The time has come to swap the pads on the D2 S8.
I'm doing all (front and rear) as they're all fairly well worn. My question is this. As I retract the pistons, presumably the fluid level in the reservoir will rise. How much will it rise? (I obviously don't want it to come over the top). Is this likeley to cause any air in the system to require bleeding, or should it be very straight forward?

Perhaps I should stagger the process and just do the front now and the rear much later (as they aren't worn anything like as much).

Yes, it will cause fluid in reservoir to rise, so take lid off. You can always remove some fluid from the reservoir, then re-add it at the end if needed.

You can't get air in the system from retracting the pistons so long as the bleed nipples remain closed.
Professor Peach

Thanks Scott. Good plan. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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