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Talk me out of\into this....

First post here and I would really appreciate some wisdom. I come from the 4/5cyl side of things having had a urs4 and mk6 golf r in the past. I am looking at a c5 rs6. I have driven it and all works well, rotors are probably on the way out but apart from that it has had about 20k spent on it in the last 3 years which included pss9s and various other bits. No record of a gearbox change but the oil has been changed regularly.

Now the interesting bit, 190k miles......for 4,500.

As I said it drives perfectly, shifts perfectly, and has no noises or smoking at idle. I am drawns to it as I can do all the maintenance myself to save a shed of money and not lose much more resale. Also I plan a manual swap if the box shits itself.

What to do?

190k, woo! I thought mine was high at 130k... Sounds okay on the face of it, but things have to start going south soon. I don't think a manual conversion is at all a simple proposition, last time I looked at it there was much faffing required.

Still, C5 RS6s rule, so get stuck in! You've got budget there to change box and turbos and still come out ahead (ish)!

Get it bought!

Hope you've looked into the mammoth-ness of a manual conversion before you set your heart on it too!

Must be worth that and more in bits surely?

Not sure if this helps as I have a C5 S6 rather than an C5 RS6, but I also have a urS6, a bit like your urS4, as a comparison. My C5 S6 has also done 190k - the urS6 has done 110k.

180,000 is not that significant, as long as the car has been maintained appropriately, with components being refreshed on both age and mileage terms. The key concern, as you note, would be the autobox.  I fully reconditioned my gearbox (which is shared with the RS6) for 1800, but you have also mentioned the manual conversion option. Other wear components at that age are injectors, lambda probes, MAFs, cam tensioners (800 a pop), water pumps. Posting a VCDS or diagnostic scan would be worthwhile - make sure the OBDII readiness is showing that the codes have not been reset recently.

My C5 S6 platform is more expensive to run than my urS6 - I budget 1500 per year rather than 1000 per year for the urS6, it just isn't quite as robust. The RS6 will cost more due to the more frequent cam belt changes, DRC (unless it has the 2nd gen refit or aftermarket coilovers) and Brembo brakes.

At 4,500, you have money spare for the remedial works, but you could also use all that for a C6 S6. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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