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That Bl**dy Steering wheel !!

As Per title,i think this has been mentioned before.(but no outcome of how,to fix it)

Squeeking Steering wheel,weather going left or right),is now starting to get on my nerves.....Arggg!!!!!

There must be fix out there,come on guys i know somebodies 'cured' the prob!!(& yes it's deff from the steering wheel/steering column).



Is it from the clock spring behind the wheel?  Mine creaked and groaned a bit until i got a new one.

If you are uber careful you can take the old one apart and spray some litium grease in.  I tried this once and it helped a bit but didnt solve it, so just got another one.

Be really careful taking it apart as its a coiled thin wire cable and will try and escape everywhere.

Thanks for the reply SJS.

it does sound like rubber against rubber(dry joint??).....,i'll try the lithium grease idea

It could be the steering column shroud rubbing on the back of the wheel. Try pushing it forward very slightly and it should stop, my old S2 used to do it

inside all the plastic covers there is a rubber thingy that dryes out and starts squeeking after a few years use...a little silicone spray does the thing good!..

this is a columt from a golf,but it is the same thingy that squeeks i think...

In the end it was the Steering Angle Sensor,that was replaced,i also had the ABS light coming on erratically as well.

Trip to MRC,now all ok Forum Index -> Tuning and Modifications
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