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The 3.0tsfi (V6T) and high mileage.

A family member is on the hunt for a new estate, his budget falls slap bang on what "higher" mileage B8 avants are going for. Say 120k+ miles with pritty much all the toys.

Anyone on here running leggy cars? Good/bad experience? Mainly talking drivetrain wise, i've a friend who runs a 3.0tdi b8 avant with 200K+ miles and the interior is almost like new so i'm not so worried on that front.

Also am i right to be scared of the early s-tronic box's?


The boxes can be problematic, but on a car with those sort of miles any problems should have shown up by then.
I'd just do the usual checks and make sure it's had regular oil changes or any previous warranty or work done.

We were set on a manual for a while, however the S-tronic box is so nice to use.

Is there any obvious ways to tell which version of S-tronic box is fitted. (new style with filter vs old without)?

Lovely one advertised on "the other" rs forums. Bit leggy but looks stunning. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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