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The new head of the compact class: The Audi A1 quattro

The new head of the compact class: The Audi A1 quattro

Limited-production (333 units) A1 quattro beginning 2012

188 kW (256 hp), quattro drive, 0 – 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds

Dynamic look inside and out, thoroughly equipped

Audi is crowning its successful A1 model series with an exclusive top-of-the-line model. The dynamic A1 quattro, limited to just 333 units, moves to the head of the compact class. Its two-liter, turbocharged engine produces 188 kW (256 hp) and 350 Nm (258.15 lb-ft) of torque, which is delivered to all four wheels. The Audi A1 quattro sprints from zero to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 5.7 seconds and has a top speed of 245 km/h (152.24 mph).

The A1 quattro is powered by the 2.0 TFSI engine. The 1,984 cc, four-cylinder engine combines gasoline direct injection with turbocharging in the classic Audi manner. Among its highlights are the adjustable intake cam shaft and the two balance shafts, which ensure smooth operation. Maximum torque of 350 Nm (258.15 lb-ft) is continuously available between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm, and peak power (188 kW/256 hp) is developed at 6,000 rpm.

Every detail of the sporty, sonorous four-cylinder engine has been optimized for high performance and low fuel consumption. Common rail injection, a turbocharger with intercooler and a regulated oil pump are just a few examples. The Audi A1 quattro is expected to consume on average 8.6 liters of fuel per 100 km (27.67 US mpg). Yet it performs like a top-notch sports car: The standard sprint takes just 5.7 seconds, and top speed is 245 km/h (152.24 mph).

The 2.0 TFSI delivers its power to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive system via a precisely shifting six-speed transmission, bringing Vorsprung durch Technik to the small-car class. The heart of this system is an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch whose package of plates rotates in an oil bath.

During normal driving, the clutch sends most of the engine’s power to the front wheels. If traction decreases there, the clutch can transfer torque steplessly to the rear axle in just a few milliseconds by forcing the packages of plates together by a defined amount. A pressure reservoir helps the electric pump to develop the oil pressure. If a wheel on one of the axles should slip, it is braked by the electronic differential lock (EDL).

The placement of the multi-plate clutch at the rear axle provides for a harmonious distribution of the axle loads, and the chassis of the Audi A1 quattro has been adapted to the dynamics of the drivetrain. It is much more tautly tuned than that of the production model. The front suspension is a McPherson construction; a four-link axle is used at the rear. The sensitive and efficient electrohydraulic power steering has a sporty, direct 14.8:1 steering ratio.

The Audi A1 quattro rolls on 8.0 J x 18 cast alloy wheels. They are Glacier White, feature an exclusive turbine design and are fitted with 225/35-series tires. The internally vented front brake discs measure 312 millimeters (12.28 in) in diameter and are gripped by black calipers. The ESP stabilization program includes a sport mode and can be switched off entirely for a trip to the race track, for example.

One look is all it takes to see that the Audi A1 quattro is a very special vehicle. It is available only in Glacier White metallic, and its roof is painted high-gloss black. The front bumper is muscular, the frame and grate of the single-frame grille are high-gloss black. The curved bars in the headlights – the wings – are red. The grille, the roof arch and the rear hatch sport quattro badges.

The rear windows are tinted; the roof flows into a large, two-color wing. The color black accentuates the rear hatch and the diffuser. The LED rear lights are tinted; the rear bumper sports a distinctive look. The exhaust system terminates in two polished dual tailpipes on the left and the right, each measuring 100 millimeters (3.94 in) in diameter. The A1 quattro is 3,987 millimeters (13.08 ft) long, 1,740 millimeters (5.71 ft) wide and 1,416 millimeters (4.65 ft) tall, making it somewhat longer than the model on which it is based. Luggage capacity is 210 liters (7.42 cu ft); folding down the rear seats increases this to 860 liters (30.37 cu ft).

Cool, sporty black dominates the interior of the Audi A1 quattro. The seats and the armrests on the doors are covered in Silk Nappa leather with contrasting red seams. The S sport seats up front have pronounced bolsters, integrated head restraints and a quattro badge on the backrest covers. The seats feature multi-way adjustment. The lower section of the center console shines in high-gloss black; the footrest and the pedal caps are made of brushed stainless steel. Red seams frame the floor mats, and the door sill trims bear A1 quattro badges.

The instrument cluster has a number of eye-catching features, including white needles, a red tachometer, the quattro logo and the color display for the driver information system. The multifunction sport steering wheel is flattened at the bottom, wrapped in leather with contrasting red stitching and sports the car’s serial number. The shift lever knob is made of aluminum. Many control elements have an aluminum-look finish.

The Audi A1 quattro will be available from the second half of 2012 and will be supplied to customers with a full range of equipment. It includes many features taken directly from the luxury class, including xenon plus headlights, high-beam assistant, adaptive brake lights, LED interior lighting package, light and rain sensor, automatically dimming interior mirror, rear parking system, automatic air conditioning, alarm system, storage package, convenience key and cruise control.

The infotainment equipment likewise leaves nothing to be desired. It includes a CD changer, a digital radio tuner, the Audi music interface and MMI navigation plus. The Bose sound system drives 14 speakers with 465 watts of power; the woofers in the doors are indirectly lit with light guide LEDs. Audi connect uses the Bluetooth online car phone to connect to the Internet and deliver special web services, including Google Earth, to the car. Passengers can also connect their mobile devices to the integrated WLAN hotspot.


absolutly love it, will be a real handful with the ESP switched off  just needs to be Noggy then i could be tempted.

thanks for the write up David very interesting

awesome! what a great fun little car that will be.

not confirmed for UK market yet

if its limited edition it will probably get an allocation .. otherwise its too close to the S3
olly e

wonder how much that is going to be,, looks amazing on paper

Fiat 5oo on steroids.

That thing looks absolutely wicked, can only imagine what tuners wil do to it.
Whatever happened to the days when a hot hatch had 110bhp and that seemed enough.

Do I hear MRC map and Milltek = 330hp

roll on the RS1  

5 pot and 496 bhp    IF Audi has the balls to build it for production  

will cost a kidney or 2 even for the A1 quattro as shown

Potts S4

A1 Quattro

Ok not strictly an S1, but what does everybody think of this?

Limited production of 333 cars, and no RHD version.


The UK Market is one of Audis biggest hot Audi markets so I bet there will be RHD available at some point  

upwards of 30k for this model.... so the RS1 will be 40k or more  

That's rediculous in any currency !!

Thread from S1 forum posted by Potts S4 merged into here

30 cars and a "conservative" price estimate of 48k (says Audi). The options (14k worth) are not optional, all the cars are getting the same spec from the factory.

The engine is interesting.
The standard 2.0TFSi is KO3 (still?) and chipped  cars with this engine only get to about 250 bhp.
The S3 engine, with 265bhp from the factory is KO4, but does not have balance shafts, but can be chipped to 300+.
It's basically the, now, very old engine ( also used in the Golf R) .

So is this a new reinforced/upgraded version of the newer engine  ( EA111 iirc)
or the 'old' S3/Golf R engine .... (that doesn't have balance shafts)  ???
or have the engineers decided that the new twin balanced engines are strong enough to take the extra power that many people have been running on the road?

It looks a great little car, and there's me been  thinking a chipped 1.4 A1 would make a useful small car !

I really like it  Surely not 48k though, that's rediculous.  How much is a TTRS (the fastest car in the WORLD)?

marc1 wrote:
I really like it  Surely not 48k though, that's rediculous.  How much is a TTRS (the fastest car in the WORLD)?

funnily enough ... £48k

As you've probably figured, this is no stripped-out lightweight track car.


Alex@Fontain wrote:
30 cars and a "conservative" price estimate of 48k (says Audi). The options (14k worth) are not optional, all the cars are getting the same spec from the factory.

Just heard that 33 cars are coming to the UK! Right hand drive..?

And are the 'options' not optional!? £48k for an A1 is alot of money..

Thats alot a money for a small car, a hell of a good one but a small car all the same. For the same amount i could get a 3 year old rs6 c6 mtm with 730bhp

I read 19 are coming to the UK, and all are sold out! Forum Index -> AudiSRS News
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