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The worlds best alloy wheel cleaner.....and only 3!

I have never been much of a fan detailing cars i'm more of a 'get in the car and thrash it' sort of chap

When washing my car i always have had trouble getting the front wheels clean due to running DS2500's which after googling are notoriously difficult to remove the brake dust and can eat paintwork in some situations

I have used so many types of alloy cleaner in the past, autoglym, halfords, megs etc now i'm currently using some carplan stuff as that seems to work the best, but still not good enough

After speaking to Steve when he was detailing Guys RS4 at MRC the other week he recommended some products, ace i thought i'd buy some, so got home and went online to the detailing sites and my jaw hit the floor at what they charge for this stuff.

Being a tight got i went to my local shop and bought what i think is the worlds best wheel cleaner and it cost 3 as it was on offer

Anyway on with the pics:

Dirty, after 1 weeks driving

After using normal alloy cleaner, clean but not great:

After using my special amazing wheel cleaner:

And what is it i used ???

Mr Muscle loves the jobs you hate  

f*cking amazing stuff for cylinder heads etc. also


Poor wheels! Get some Bilberry and some decent protectant
dave c

does it like to remove the lacquer too  does smell mean stuff when the wife cleans our oven with it!

Hahaha you nutter! Nice n clean though but carry on though and you'll be back to primer!

That'll be the stuff which says "DO NOT allow to come in contact with oven door rubber seal".  I'd imagine the same applies for rubber tyres.
Rasss-4 basically Matt, you'll go out tomorrow and you'll be on Rims...literally!      

nice and clean , BUT Oven cleaner ...... errr,maybe not

It's basically a caustic cleaner which will eat into bare alloy ,if you used some wheel brushes you might find the other wheel cleaners will work for you  

Oh dear!!      

Why all the haterz ?

First of all i made sure i did not get mr muscle on my tyres i'm not totally stupid
The only way it did touch the tyres is when i was  rinsing the alloys off

Wheels were off the car so no contact with paintwork etc

Seems to work without problems on various TT's, Golfs, TVR's etc after doing a google search

Finally the 'ingredients' are no worse than autoglym wheel cleaner

Jobs a good'un

To Be honest .. they are not that clean versus a Good Bilberry wash and Tardis

Still a few spots left

do you polish the paintwork with pledge?

Rick_RS4 wrote:
do you polish the paintwork with pledge?


Rick_RS4 wrote:
do you polish the paintwork with pledge?

I work with a bloke who does!  
dave c

dest wrote:
Rick_RS4 wrote:
do you polish the paintwork with pledge?

I work with a bloke who does!
is his car made of wood

If you would not use it on paint work I would not use it on alloys with the laquer give the wheels a good wax afterwards get a good citrus degreasers to start with the wheels

ironx or wolfs deironizer will get the rims alot cleaner than that and then a good claying job done Forum Index -> Car Cleaning & Care
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