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Thermostat Replacement On S6


First problems starting to appear!

Have had different fault codes showing all over the place on the S6 and have cleared most following a battery replacement as they were all electrical but unfortunately one remains, Mapped Thermostat open circuit.

Wiring and plug all look okay so it is a replacement thermostat required by the looks of it.

Anyone attempted to change out a thermostat on this as it looks extremely tight especially access to the top bolt and the hose clips?



Hi Steve,
   Having only just bought my S6 I can't (yet) offer any help on these type of tasks, I do plan to get stuck in with several jobs over the next few months. It will be interesting to hear how you go about this, are you going to have a go yourself? I had to replace the stat on my E39 M5 at 95k, my S6 has 93k on it, what miles are on yours? How are you checking your codes?

Keep us updated on this....


I Steve, I will be tackling this very job in the next week or 2 so if I get round to it first I will post some feedback.

Having looked at the 5.2 technical guide it appears that it might not be as difficult as I first feared.

I think this is the link but im on my phone at the mo -

I've not had a proper look but we might whip the front bumper off to ease access as this is an easy job.

Got a quote via Stoke audi on the forum here -

Nice one Barry, great link by the way, such valuable info in the technical guide, if you get chance take some pics along the way and post up......

Finally got round to fitting the thermostat at the weekend and pleased to say that the process was fairly painless with the time taken up by trying not to dump coolant over the floor and bleeding the system.

The location was as per my link above and immediately assessable with the undertray removed.
Hereís a picture from under the car

Drain plug removed and donít forget to take off the expansion tank cap first.

New part

The top bolts are a little awkward but by brother whos an experienced mechanic didnít complain so it couldnít have been that bad

What surprised me was that the engine management light has sorted itself out.

cheers for the pics, good to hear it went well, looks fairly simple then, nice one........ Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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