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Things to play with on a C6RS6 with VagCom & Hidden Menu

Thought I'd put a thread together on what we know we can do with a VAGCom/VCDS Cable on a C6 RS6

Enable The HiddenMenu - This seems to be a fundamental thing as it allows other settings to be simply done without reverting back to the VAGCom cable

The Hidden Menu then enables...
Battery Status

MP3 Ripper to Hard Disk
Main > Diagnose >Settings >Import Multimedia
It was factory set at [copy/no ripping] 3/4
Set it to [copy/ripping] 4/4
You just then put an audio CD in the DVD drive, and select import. It will then pop up as a source.

Check current DTCS's

VAGCom other enables / settings
Watch TV / DVD in motion

Damn, I just need the cable now....

Software, and the skilled, flexible, reasonable, articulate, presentable people that write it. The bain of my life.

Spot the hint of irony in the above statement.

have you done it Mr G?

liwi wrote:
have you done it Mr G?

Yup  Hidden menu, battery, MP3 Ripper and VIM all done

Been playing with the settings for "Charisma" which is what Audi call the "Drive Select" inside the system

C6NVS found this page but we cant get passed step 2 so far

Good idea to get this down G,

Add this link to the resource (embedded in the first post from link above ^):

In here you will find how to enable/disable TPMS, plus a few other tricks.

Regarding "Audi Drive Select", I just don't know if our A6 C6 platform supports this. I know that it can be enabled on A5's that are not spec'd with ADS, and that some of the A6 C6 setting can be changed by VagCom (steering sensitivity etc), but just don't know if we can get the functionality working through the MMI menus to switch between settings and build an individual profile like the ADS.

Edit: a few others I had compiled:

Speed through GPS (not sure how useful this is):

Electronic park brake release (for changing rear pads):

Another few posts on the ADS (but again; not A6 C6 specific):

^^^ PLEASE let me know if anyone figures this ADS in MMI out for A6 C6, or if you know it is not possible

Also, just some advice, be sure not to change anything in VagCom without recording the steps you went through to get to that menu, and what the values where prior to the change, it is very easy to make a mistake with big ramifications. If in doubt, stay out  

C6NVS wrote:
If in doubt, stay out  

Defiantly !!!!!  Here be Dragons ..  

I did read on one of the forums that "a few" guys "reported" they lost ALL navigation data from their cars where enabling VIM.. requiring them to go to an Audi dealer and pay to have the maps reloaded .. This is bleeding edge could break your car stuff .. NONE of us are suggesting others try it too etc etc

After all the effor, how bloody long does it take to rip a CD... Quicker to stick it on an SD card an import that way. How tiresome. And still waiting for tyres. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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