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Tinking of buying a 1994 UR S4 - 169,000 km

These are pretty rare in Australia

Can anyone help me with a rundown on the model - performance, reliability, weak points

Thanks in advance

It's a very reliable car. Pereformance are 6.2sec from 0-100km/h. Motor 2.2 20v turbo and some version of 4.2 V8. Weak spots are, drivetrain, turbo, servo pump, acumulator for servo presure (bomb), brake booster. This is the parts that are usually have mailfunction because the cars are from 1991-1996.

I dont know much about the UR S4 but they always seam to get decent figures on the RR sessions ive been on

Similar engines to the S2 if they are looked after mileage is not a problem

I had an s2 before my S4 and it had 174,000 miles when i sold it still on its original turbo, headgasket, clutch etc

As said above common problems are the brake booster, coil packs etc

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