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Tired exhaust system on B6 S4

Hi All,

My 53 plate B6 (83K miles) still has an original exhaust system and the centre section is getting tired now.
I would like to make contact with a member in Central Scotland who has a B6 S4 with the Milltek system plus resonators fitted so I can hear a drive by and possibly an in car listen at cruising speeds.
My past experience with aftermarket S/S systems has not been good so I don't want to end up with a car that drones loudly again!

Happy to do a full VAGCOM readout on your car in return for the favour.


B6 S4 Exhaust

Hi i have a BCS full system with 200 cell cats which does not drone and it was half the price of the Miltek.

BCS system tell more  

I can do you a good price on a magnaflow system if you're interested.

Tired exhaust system on B6 S4

Hi THQuattro,

Thanks for the BCS lead. I will follow it up.

As a matter of interest did you find you needed to do an ECU remap too? I want to keep the car close to standard spec as I can but I don't want gaping holes in the torque curve either!

Comments on experiences from other B6 S4 owners are very welcome too.


Resonated Milltek on mine, sounds great and not loud at cruising speed, could actually do with being a wee bit louder.

For the cost of a miltek I'd get a decent custom system for the same cost that looks like it's worth the money you've just paid.

Never understood why the milteks are so much money.

Hi mate
No remapping req,d for the exhaust, its got a superb deep sound and i actually prefer it to my B7 RS4 with non res Miltek.
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