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Took the rear calipers off, what to replace

Took the rear calipers off (rs4) for a clean and check up. While they are off what should i replace? Is the some rebuild kit? Basicly everything looks fine. maybe a new seal and dust cover?

If they wind back ok and the dust boot is in good condition I'd leave them.
Maybe re grease the sliders French coat of paint and new bleed screw

When I've reconditioned calipers  I have replaced the Pistons seats and dust boots bleed screws.
Blasted the calipers and re-painted them. After the look and work like brands new. I did a set for my mate who is racing in the mr2 championship

Thanks! Do the dust covers and seals have part numbers? Etka only shows the complete caliper.

they do, its number 13 on the ETKA diagram, but fitting them requires dismantling the caliper and its just not worth it if they're working fine.

Ah now i see, many thanks!


Where do you get new Pistons for the rear calipers on a b5 rs4. I can't find them anywhere. Brian

try brakes international? They're the same 43mm pistons that are used on the S4 and various other VAG cars. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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