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TPMS Sensor - Parts

Hey Guys.

Finally did it, traded in the RS6 for a V8 R8, and have been loving ever day since. Most happy with the sound, the V10 RS6 was a beast, but she was designed to be a quite luxury car, and it was just not what I was after right now. That and she was a big girl on the tracks............cant wait for the next track day  

Anyway, one of the only things the R8 doesn't have added that I was surprised to see not as a standard options was the TPMS. I don't mean the fancy one that shows you each tyres pressure and temp, but just the small light on the dash that signals that there is something up with one of the tyres. The light in the dash is there its just not hooked up to anything or disengaged or something. I asked the dealer can we look at getting the parts needed for it and they said it cant be done...................

really.... in this day and age.  

So for now i refuse to believe this as i would expect that there is some unit or module you can get plus the sensors for all 4 tyres and then activate it via the computer. Anyone able to shed some light on this and let me know if I am dreaming or not. Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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