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Tracks and license?

How long do you have to have a full uk to do a track day?


probably have to check with each circuit but i thought you just needed to have a full licence...

Im pretty sure if you have one, you can go on.

From the MSV website T&C:-

All drivers must hold one of the following licences and comply with the relevant regulations in order to take part in a trackday.

DVLA road licence - must be a fully unrestricted (not provisional) valid driving licence issued by the DVLA (or the equivalent foreign licensing authority in the driver's country of residence) with the appropriate category clearly indicated.

MSA National B (or higher) race licence - must be a current MSA National B (or higher) race licence.

N.B. Drivers aged 16-18 years must use a vehicle that is relevant and of similar performance to their race car which must also be approved in advance by the Club MSV team. They can only drive on circuit on their own or with an ARDS Grade "A" instructor. They cannot carry general passengers.

MSA National B Junior race licence - must be a valid MSA National B "Junior" Race Licence. The additional following criteria must also be met:

Such driver is using one of the three Junior Championship Vehicles. (Ginetta Junior, SAXMAX, Fiesta Junior)
Such driver has an ARDS Grade "A" instructor with them at all times when on circuit.
Such driver has, prior to the date of the event, provided written proof of their competence and licence, Instructor's licence details, and what car they plan on using to the Club MSV team.
Such driver's parent or legal guardian has signed and completed the relevant section of the Registration Form on the day of the event.

Other tracks may have different rules.

That covers it Paul

I don't remember every being asked for anything apart from my licence, but I'm not a young thruster

DavidT wrote:
but I'm not a young thruster

You said it mate

I had heard the rumours!

Oh yeah, it' true alright Forum Index -> Motorsport
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