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traction control light

Hi there people prob been asked before but did check by searching first and couldnt find it!
Right so last nite my traction control light come on randomly on way home from work!
Then today engine management light came on great! really going good for 3days of ownership
Right so my mate code read it today engine management light is due to mass airflow sensor?
and traction control light is due to voltage going to ecu?
has anyone had this by any chance and could both faults be linked like by alternator overcharging and throwing up fault?
please help audi s3 gods!

Check measuring blocks with car running for voltage readings using VAG COM. Get a complete scan and upload the exact codes here (if he saved them, those will do).

Also try Audi which has a vast S3 following and there are a few S3 geniuses on there like Tuftty and Bill from Badger 5.

i was just gonna put multimeter across battery tomo as i usually do lol and as never used and just posted it up on audi-sport  

That should work fine with the engine running

cool ok ill do that tomo worth a try i suppose? Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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