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TT 1.8t 225 temp gauge

Not sure where to post this? But thought it was related as they share the same engine. My mrs TT has a faulty temp gauge, it rises to full temp immediately when the car is turned on from cold instead of rising steadily as the car warms.
Is this a common fault across the vag 1.8t range? If so is it an easy fix. Or am I on my own with this any help would be great
Thanks matt

Sorted now

What was it?! I was about to suggest it could be the pod it's self, and they are an expensive fix. Never heard of one jumping to the top like that though, they normally either get stuck and don't move off the bottom or only hit 50 and that tends to be the stat jamming open.

If you are concerned about the engine temperature, you can do the 49c code test. Press the recirculation and up arrow button on the climate control panel at the same time, it will read 1c. Rotate the temp adjuster until it reads 49c and then press the recirculation button again. The screen will display the real engine temperature in a digital format!

Hope that helps.

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