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Hi All,

we know how much we love Audi TT's and the fact of leaving a car at a workshop you have never heard of is heartbreaking, last week i don't know if you have heard of 'T-Tints Ltd' ??

Firstly, visited the website as of course with the name you would think it was just tints, well i thought wrong. soon as i got there and visited the showroom i was stunned that not only do they do window tinting but even OEM Fitted Stereos and came across one for the Audi TT MKII

Spoke to a member of the staff who was very helpful who's name was alam b who told me that all the units and plug & play direct replacement in which you do not have to cut your dash, simply plug & play. he then encouraged me over and over and over to buy one i till i gave in so in a way i am glad i have got one fitted.

I paid just 750 pounds which came with there free fitting which was generous of them as it only took there team approximately 2 and a bit hours even offered me a cup of tea, how many workshops do this nowadays

The unit is unbelievable and has the best features money can buy such as - Radio / Built in Bluetooth with Call History / USB Connectivity / iPod Connectivity / Built In Sat Nav / Aux-In

It also has added extras also at added costs which i have been booked in for next week to get the optional TV Tuner for the kids and missus, hopefully then she wont be p****d that she missed the soaps they also have extras which is things like the reverse camera 60 pounds, TV Tuner for a extra 25 pounds or even parking sensors from i think they said 130 pounds

The installer then offered to show me through the functions of this unit, but having played around with many units in the past I declined this offer and made my way home. I checked around the car as I was very paranoid there may be trim hanging off in various places where the installer had removed bits to fit the various accessories. I am pleased to say they have done a very professional job, and everything appears to have been installed correctly and with care. I would have been happy to fit this unit myself, but at the same time it was nice to have it done for me.

I tested the DVD player using Toy Story & Gone In 60 Seconds. It does exactly what you would expect, it plays DVDís.... The picture quality is more than watchable, and it sounds pretty good to. You can change the picture settings from widescreen to fill the entire screen etc. It is a nice feature to have, but not one I will find myself using too much.

I have played CDís and CDRís containing MP3ís and WMA files. It plays everything without a problem. The unit reads CDís very quickly and it displays the artist/track names when it plays. Navigating to different folders on an MP3 CD is straight forwards and easy enough to do.

Pictures - The bit you have been waiting for

I think ever since i had been born this has been the greatest purchase of my life, tell you what if i wasent married i would definatly marry this

The sound quality is superb and gladly it does support the bose system, if you guys are wondering about the picture quality 1 WORD - SUPERB ! and that also goes for the sound quality

I hope you guys liked it and i look forward to your comments

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