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TT RS Front Brakes

Hi All, New to the forum but not new to working on Audis.  My 5th one.

I wanted to share my front brake experience with you all in hopes that I can get a little advise on tuning the motor.  She is bone stock besides the brakes and cold air tuned intake.

So I started this whole front brake adventure after experiencing some brake vibration.  Naturally i assumed brake pad deposits and went out for some aggressive braking to clean up the rotors.  No such luck..  I threw on a pair of EBC Reds because i know that they have an aggressive bed in layer.  Once again no such luck. No proper bed in.  I pulled the rotors and clean them up using a orbital wire brush fitting on an angle grinder at super low speed to ensure only a fine layer of removal.  They cleaned up well but still had highs and lows on the rotor surface.  I re-installed the brakes and still had the same issue.  I phone around to have the rotors machined because they still had a boat load of thickness,  31.35MM, 32MM New.  To my dismay no one machines cross drilled rotors as they ruin the lath bits.  New rotor time!

Removed the complete braking system for a big clean and inspection.  All existing parts were cleaned of all brake material.  The hubs were also cleaned up of all trace amounts of corrosion.  Now we have have clean calipers and hubs for the new brake pads and rotors.  

Pre install for the rotors is Varisol to remove packing oil (do not attempt to scrub off the thin layer of rotor paint as it will burn off with the bed in), then a wash with dish soap and a rinse with water, then an immediate dry with the heat gun to ensure no corrosion.  This can be achieved quickly when using rags and pails, one with Varisol, one with soap/water and the other with plain water.

Now that all parts are clean and ready to go it's time to install.  Reverse the removal process as I'm sure I don't need to explain this in detail on this forum.  I can provide more detail if required.

Follow the bed in procedure outlined from EBC.  The quick version is soft stopping around 50-60 kph for about 10 Kms, stopping lightly every 1-2 Kms.  Urban neighborhoods are great for this as they have a ton of stop signs and since you have to drive slow no one will mind  If you can stick to urban driving the pads will bed in faster but we all hit the HWY at some point.  The instructions call for between approximately 450 kms to 1000 kms. The biggest thing is to avoid high speed and quick, abrupt stops.  If you bed in the pads/rotors nice and slow they will last longer and cost you less in the long run!  Not to mention the increased braking ability.

So OEM rotors and EBC Reds seem to be the winning combo for me.  Silky smooth, consistent braking.

That all aside, can someone share their experience with APR, REVO, Stasis, Etc.  I'd like to start with engine management.

Cheers! Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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