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TT-RS Milltek Race System announced

Full system should be on my car next week


Customers looking to attack the race track with an exhaust that  achieves uncompromised gas flow, a useful weight-saving, peak operating  efficiency and, an Audi Quattro-esque 5-cylinder burble that simply  emanates “Power”, nothing fits the bill better than the Milltek Race  system.

The race system employs a massive 100mm / 4” free-flow turbo elbow  (see photo, right), feeding immediately into a high-flow 100 CPSI (cells  per square inch) catalyst, via uninterrupted 76mm / 3” pipework, to a  connecting pipe and finally, the rear silencer. The silencer itself has  the same external appearance as the Milltek Road system but features  trick race internals.

Milltek understands that regardless of whether you intend to use  your car mainly on the race track or mainly on the road, there are times  when you want flexibility to do either. That’s why both the Road and  Race systems are fitted with an Active Exhaust Valve which operates in  conjunction with the TT RS’s Sport button to keep unwanted noise when  cruising to a minimum.

Now fitted:

Another Update from me:

As most of you know Milltek were fitting the Race system to the car today.
I was greeted by Kev, their exhaust system developer, who proceeded to talk me through the job in hand and then talk a little about what he developed with the system.  Top bloke as it turns out and put me straight at ease, as this is Milltek's only running Race system right now

Anyway, I got a quick vid of the car with the stock system on as a comparison and it was then up on the ramp for some quick pic's of the standard system in place.

The OEM system consists of:
DP containing the first primary Cat - this branches off in two
2 x Secondary cats
2 x small silencers
Back box

And here it is.... quite a fussy piece of kit really with quite a lot of restriction particularly in the elbow of the DP and through all the kinks and turns of the dual pipe system.

Before getting the new Milltek system fitted I managed to get some side by side shots which really illustrates the differences between the two systems:

The new Milltek Race set up consists of:
4" Down Pipe (with no Cat)
100 Cell Sport Cat
3" Non Res connecting pipe
Race specification back box with minimal silencing

NB: the back box retains the same dimensions as Millteks standard back box in an effort to contain drone

Kev then got on with putting it all back together and here is how it looks when all back in place:

Kev then fired her up and I was pleased already.... the car sounds instantly more throaty straight from start up - the standard setting to me is like the OEM system in Sport, if not a little louder straight away.  Good stuff
Push the sport button and the car instantly has a deeper more purposeful tone about it.  So a quick spin to check all is in check and then back up on the ramps for another visual inspection.  All is good

Final checks before I was on my way were to get the emissions run for piece of mind and I'm pleased to say this thing will breeze an MOT so no future worries there

So after Milltek it was off to Sports Tech Limited who are around the corner.  The guys at Revo had very kindly organised for them to update the software on my car to compliment the new exhaust system. Nice little outfit if you're in the Derby area

Anyway, the car now drives better again, spool up time is improved, low end torque is improved and the noise is awesome when you floor it. Surprisingly on the motorway run back up north drone was non existent when in normal mode, with only a little bit creeping through at certain speeds when in sports mode.  So, when I'm on my own, sport button will be pressed, when I'm with the Boss (Girlfriend) it can stay in normal and I won't get told off

And you've waited patiently enough, so here is the sound comparison - doesn't do it justice really, as under load it sounds significantly better. I need to borrow Jonny's mates private driveway next time I'm home I think

Huge thanks to:
Charlie, Phil & Kev @ Milltek
Carl @ Revo for pulling it out of the bag today (owe you a beer fella)
And finally James @ Sports Tech for fitting me in at the last minute on a Friday afternoon

Thanks for reading

Improved sound file without the background noise from Millteks workshop...

Stood still revving like this doesn't really do it justice, when its under load it sounds much better

Looks and sounds nice. Are you coming to Castle Combe later in the month?

Prob's not, but will be at ADI in October

Look forward to hearing for real

shame it wasnt a daul system ,but this looks nice

supersi wrote:
shame it wasnt a daul system ,but this looks nice

Depends if you want show or go really.
Keeping the single system all the way through improves flow helping spool and low down torque.

id have to see data to belive that .but if you say so

looks brilliant! standard exhaust looks so complicated!

jamiekip wrote:
supersi wrote:
shame it wasnt a daul system ,but this looks nice

Depends if you want show or go really.
Keeping the single system all the way through improves flow helping spool and low down torque.

When Viper did logs on my RS4 he was very surprised how solid the EGT's were on a red hot day and asked what exhaust was on it (supersprint) as the EGT's were not moving.  I know nothing about logs and EGT's but think it must mean theres alot more to an exhaust than bigger is better as the SS is a single.

supersi wrote:
id have to see data to belive that .but if you say so

Well unless you're after more than 750bhp this set up is fine, even then you'd probably keep a single pipe set up but with greater diameter.
Remember the gasses are coming out of the engine via a single turbo, so the flow starts in a single pipe, branching out to two is unnecessary.    
It's lighter than a dual set up too Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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