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TT S Car Mats with Variety of Colour Trimming Options

Hi guys,

I'm new to the site, and currently have a friend who is producing car mats for Focus RS and ST. Just putting a feeler out there to see the interest from this forum about producing TT S logo car mats.

The mats are luxury black velour carpet, with fitted clips to stop the mats slipping. They come with the TT S logo on the drivers and passengers mats, and the back 2 mats are plain. They have a heel pad on the drivers mat to prevent wear and tear. The colours available for the trimming are white, blue, red, silver, orange and green. They also do white blue and red in a special PVC trimming, which look really smart. You can also have the mats plain black with no trimming.

The prices are cheap in comparison to the ones you buy from Audi.

They are 39.95 with 4.95 postage.

The link to the website that sell the focus ST RS ones is and they also trade on ebay. So youc can see for yourself what they would look like but shaped for your car and with the TT S logo.

Let me know what you think guys and hopefully with enough interest from the forum, my friend can produce the TT S mats on his website for you guys.

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