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TTRS (1) : RS 4 (0)

it was only 3 drags, and not proper serious ... but i think its fair to say the litte TT RS had the edge on the RS 4 Avant ... although I grant it was primarily for two key reasons:

1. weight
2. S Tronic

still, they hold their own against the big boys these little gay things !!


What rs4 b5 or b7?

B7 mate

although it would easily take a stocker B5 also

DK you seem to be liking this car a little too much.
Sounds like you might keep this one

haha Pete, it goes in January, replaced by another B8 S4 .... but I have ordered another one for April delivery in Suzuka grey

Took a stock b7 avant? To be expected it's probably running the same power haha gotta love cb!!! Impressive though rs3 becoming more of a reality for you now you think?

You have to take me for a spin when I get over this week.
Then I can make a proper opinion.
It does sound like your new favourite car though.

Even on the short bursts i had as a passenger round Combe last week (in a car that was effectively identical to Dave's ), this thing started to convince me I could get past the "TT" badge... It was ace, felt really really tight and planted and that accelleration and sound even on stock zorsts would be addictive!


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