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TTRS exhausts.... Two is better than one...

I think there has been a lot of people fooled by the shiny miltek, scorpion stuff, look at the full design of the standard system, twin pipes running down the car, this is far greater diameter than an aftermarket single system.

Results with the primary cat removed (de gutted) and 100cel secondary cats are better than a single.

Using something like an F-Town down pipe into a twin system would be even better.

Are you just saying this, or do you have proof?

I have a full turbo-back Corsa RSC system waiting to go on the car, but I already have 034 decat midpipes.  I'm planning on putting the catback on first (I still have CPO warranty on my car and don't want to change the downpipe until that runs out).

I've been thinking the same as you; more surface area = more HP.  

A few people (IIRC Laszlo from 034 and Arin from APR) on the Facebook TTRS Owners group have said otherwise though.  

Supposedly the only reason the factory design has a split is so they could fit the secondary catalysts.  They didn't have the space for a single large cat under there, so they went to dual pipes for packaging reasons, not for efficiency or performance.  The strange shape of the Y split in the downpipe can't be very good for efficiency, even though it is opening up to more volume.

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